Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Christmas Day 2017

 For the frist time ever, we had daddy home Christmas day!!!  He didn't have to work a night shift and come home tired and he didn't have to go in later that evening!  It's a normal thing for poeple to usually have that day off, but when it's not it's a REALLY big deal and so very special. 

We had a wonderul morning just us!!

Homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, present opening, and spending time together was the perfect morning.  We just wish Lucy was more herself, but you wouldn't really know it by looking at the pictures :).

Lucy got a cute scarf from her preschool teachers.

Aubrey made us a Christmas tree out of a pine cone at school.  She was so excited to give it to us that morning!


Lucy also made us a cute Christmas tree card and puzzle ornament (of which I didn't take a picture of before we packed it all up).

These girls :).

We got the girls a new bike and scooter that are actually their size.  We're looking forward to family bike rides and rides to school on these beauties :).

My family couldn't be with us this year, but my brother put this little video together and sent it to us Christmas day.
Here is Lucy singing her Christmas songs and our Christmas day...

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

Christmastime 2017

This holiday season we did a lot of advent activities and really tried to make this season memorable and special.  Christmas light gazing, hot chocolate consuming, baking, decorating, nativity making, santa sand lots of fun with family and friends were enjoyed! 



One weekend in December Lucy took home their preschool animal Simba to have adventures with and write about what we did!

Aubrey's Sunday school teacher made her a custom pillow case with her name embroidered on it!  So cute and so thoughtful!
And the girls got new Christmas pjs!
We hope to start our own tradition of Christmas tree cookie and snowman cookie decorating!
Gingerbread men and women made an appearance at our house this year.  I finally baked some!


We had an ugly sweater cookie decorating contest one evening. 

Brandon won!

We even saw Santa that night!
We had some down time to just sit and enjoy some crafting and art work.


One afternoon we met Gracie (friend from when they were both in preschool!) and we had a late birthday celebration just the two of them.  These two share the same birthday!


Christmas Eve arrived and our little Lucy spiked a fever and was pretty sick all through Christmas until the fever finally broke on Thursday.  But with medicine she was usally a trooper even with her 104 fever when she had taken medicine.  Poor girl.  But she still had a smile and Christmas morning!