Saturday, March 7, 2020

Happy 7th Birthday Lucy!

It's your golden birthday!!  How is our little baby already 7?!

You are...






love to draw and paint,

love to create,

are very creative and can make so many things fun out of ordinary objects.


have spunk,

you are witty,

and absolutely hilarious!


have some serious dance moves,

love music,

love to sing (and you have the sweetest little voice).


love to hold our hand when we're out for walk,

you love to cuddle when we read together,

you are caring and kind.

You are...

soft spoken (except at home),


getting comfortable in your own skin.

You are...

a super fast runner (with perfect form!),

a good help with meals.


love anything sweet (but boy do you have good self control!),

eat an enormous breakfast every morning,

love shrimp and can out eat an adult,

love gymnastics,

love to tumble,

have a laugh that is contagious.


love to accessorize,

dislike doing homework,

love stuffed animals,

hide things under your bed,

love all things girly but you aren't afraid to get dirty either.


love being outside,

are a procrastinator,

love those closest to you deeply.


like yellow, teal, pink and purple,

like to read any book about animals,

mostly read non-fiction books because you love to learn new things.


are independent, 

are laid back but always down to party,



apologetically you. 


really dislike being corrected,

have a hard time staying on any one task,

sleep walk.


love a thrill ride,

think farts are, really funny,

ride your scooter and bike like a pro,

are working on your roller skating skills.

You are...



one loved little girl.

Happy Birthday Lucy!  We love you sweet girl!

Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Lucy's Cocoa House and Writers Share

I got the chance to go to Lucy's Writer's Share event at school.  This was a time when she could show us what she has been working on in class with writing and sing some songs they practiced as a class.  I enjoyed listening to her explain "How to Draw a Unicorn" writing piece and the songs they sang.

My teaching partner took the work for day for me so I could go, and I was so grateful.  It's those little moments that are the most special sometimes :).

Monday, November 25, 2019

Apple Pie Baking in Apple Hill

We went up Denver Dan's in Apple Hill to make some pies!  The girls got to make their own pies while learning a lot about math and apples. It was a bit of a chilly morning, but they had a great time and we had a little outing as a family!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Mandarin Picking

One Saturday, the girls and I got to go mandarin orange picking at a local place in Loomis.  It was a fun time and the day couldn't be more perfect!  We enjoyed a special lunch treat with both grandpas which made the day extra special :).