Saturday, July 15, 2017

First Trip In The Motorhome!

Brandon's parents, in the past year, inherited a motorhome.  They have put quite a lot of work into it and now it was ready for its inaugural trip!  We went to Half Moon Bay to test this baby out and have some fun memories and time together!


The girls loved being in it and climbing on all levels of dash and cushions!

We spent a couple of nights there and spent some time playing in the waves, bike riding, taking walks, seeing bunnies (and trying to count them on the trails!), and enjoyed some s'mores and the campfire in the evenings.

We all enjoyed the trip and we'll be doing it again sometime in the future for sure!


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Our Trip Didn't End Up As Planned...

It's been hot, so we decided to take a day trip to Point Reyes for the day one Monday.  Much to our disappointment the lighthouse (which is quite a drive) was so crowded that we couldn't even find parking, and it was very fogged in and cold.  Spur of the moment, we decided to cut our losses and go back home a different way and go to the Charles Schultz museum instead.
The museum was cute, but not quite the girls' thing.  But we enjoyed it as much as the girls had patience for and made the best of the unplanned day :).



On our way home we stopped by Fentons for a special ice cream treat.  Not a bad way to end our day!