Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Little Lucy Walks!!

Little Lucy decided to take her first steps on her birthday.  Since then, however, she has been crawling and taking one or two steps here and there.  I guess the walking just wasn't all it was cracked up to be :).
This weekend she chose to walk and actually take more than two steps!!  In two days she has progressed from taking a few steps to now fully walking!!
Go Lucy!!  We're so proud of you!!
Now the challenge will be to find small enough walking shoes that fit those tiny feet! :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Day at the Farm

Today we got to go to a farm camp with some friends. Lucy was at home with daddy so Aubrey and I got some time together today. The place was out in Orangevale close to my old elementary school and middle school and it was fun to visit that area a little bit today. This farm camp was a lot of fun. It had lots of things for the kiddos to do including a zip line and trampoline as well as the chance to pet and feed bunnies, chickens, and horses. Of course our oldest isn't around animals much so she was pretty nervous around the them, but I think a few more times to this camp with help that nervousness :). Aubrey, being the little daredevil with physical things, loved the zip line and trampoline. She could have done those two things for the two hours we were there :). 

This was as close as I could get her to the horse and she wouldn't even look at it!

So we'll make the trek out to the camp sometime soon. Hopefully next time we'll get close to petting some animals. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lucy's 12th Month

I cannot believe this is the last month-by-month post I am doing for Lucy's first year.  I know I've said it a lot but this year REALLY went by way too fast!!  I think that realization is why I've been waiting to actually write this post :).
Lucy, this month you have seriously grown from a baby to a little toddler!!

At 12 months Lucy:
~ has officially become a climber!!  She climbs up and on to almost anything.  The tricky part is that she most of the time starts to cry because she can't get down. 

She still loves hiding out in small spaces.

~ is such a goober and has her little quirks about her.  She loves putting objects on her head, laughing and showing us her teeth, and grinning so big her little cheeks get so red.  She makes us smile all the time.  This month she seemed to really show more of her personality and she's a spunky one!!

~ took her first steps on her birthday!!!  We're still trying to get some good video of that.  She is still very much a crawler :).
~ loves crawling through and under anything she can.  She loves these play tubes!

~ is following in her sister's footsteps some as she is already acting like a little gymnast :).

We don't know what it is about it, but she loves stethoscopes!!  She literally has it around her neck all the time!!


~ starting to wean her in the next few weeks and she's on to whole milk!
~ is babbling away!  She is saying a lot of sounds but like a good friend explained it in her blog; kids of teachers have it hard.  If she's not referring that sound or words to something, it doesn't count :).

~ really enjoys playing with her sister's toys even though she has a tub full of her own :).
She is pretty sweet to those little babies though :)
At her 12 month appointment she weighed in at 16 lbs, 7oz (6%) and 28 inches long (11%).  She's a sweet petite.

One year is officially in the books! :) 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dentist Time

Yesterday was Aubrey's first trip to the dentist.  As a child I went to this dentist office, but boy did it look different than what I had remembered! The office was decorated in an ocean theme and was complete with everything from things to climb on and through, fish tank (which I remember was the only real fun thing), TVs on the ceilings, book corners, and a video game station.  Yikes!  I don't think any child could be that afraid of the dentist with that many gadgets all around!!
We walked in and Aubrey was nervously excited.  She walked in cautiously and went straight to a chair and started watching the movie that was playing. 
When they called us in Aubrey was given some fun St. Patrick's Day necklaces and bracelet. You couldn't wipe the smile off her face :). 
Aubrey was a champ and was so calm and very compliant with everything that they asked her to do.  She sat in the chair and got her x-rays very still and was polite when she had to speak.  

She was happy to lay back while they checked her teeth with her cool shades on. 

Unfortunately, luck has not found us on the last few St. Patrick's Days and it continued this year as well. Aubrey has her momma's teeth...close together and apparently made of chalk. It's really too bad but Aubrey has some cavities in between some teeth that need fixing :(. It won't be fun watching Aubrey have to go through all the process of fixing those pearly whites, but it will be for the best. 

Overall, it was a pretty great first trip to the dentist. At least she's not afraid of going back...yet :-/. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Lucy Turns One!!!

Lucy girl!!  How did a year pass already?!  So many changes in your first year of life and we could not be more in love with you :).

We love holding you and cuddling with you.  You are still so tiny and so fun to squeeze and hold.  We love your sweet, slobbery kisses.

We love each little expression you have to show us.
You have blessed us so much with your quirks and personality.  We love how you love to play hide and seek, how you always put a stethoscope around your neck when you're playing, use your acrobatic skills as you climb under and over the dining room chairs and how you love to stand on your head.  We love how you lay down on the floor or wherever when your tired, how you crawl around with a blanket draped over your head and body, how you crawl so quickly when you've been caught getting into mischief, and we LOVE your cheesy smile and your laughter. 
  We love how you wave "hi" and "bye" to others by waving to yourself.  We love how you are so independent and yet we love those times when you just need us :).  We love how happy, content and easy going you have become.  We love hearing your jibber jabber in the morning over the monitor and we absolutely love getting you from your crib every morning to see a very happy, excited little girl who seems to have so much to say and explain to us.

We love your interactions with your sister and how you two love each other so much.  We love those blue eyes and your almost bald head :).  Who knows how many kisses we've given that little head of yours.
We love how proud you get when we cheer for you after you've stood up by yourself.  Your smirk makes us smile every time.

Your dancing to any music you hear brightens our day and those excited moves make us want to put yet another song on each time.

 Every day for the past year we have been so thankful for you in our lives. Now that a year has gone by we know it's only a glimpse of what your little life has in store and we can not wait to get a front row seat at it. 



We pray that you will always be confident in who you are and who you are complete in.  We pray you'll grow healthy and strong and that you would love others.  We pray that you would be surrounded by people and friends who love, encourage and support you and that God would give us wisdom to be the best parents for you.

(with a little tear) We love you Lucy girl!!  Happy first birthday sweet one!!
Love, Mommy and Daddy
*All pictures taken by our awesome brother Jeremy Maz :)
* You can read about Lucy's birth story here.