Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ATV Adventures in Lake Tahoe

This last weekend was supposed to be spent going to the Reno Air Races, but tragedy hit there and it was cancelled.  Instead of spending our days at the air races we got to spend it with family and getting to see all the beauty Tahoe has to offer.  This was Brandon's first time riding since his last ATV accident a couple years back.  He decided to spin some doghnuts and it ended poorly; a broken collar bone and a surgery to accompany that :(.  This trip involved no trip to the emergency room but some great views of the lake and good times with family. 

Not quite our first date, but Brandon and I got to ride up a trail to Quail Lake just the two of us. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 Months

At ten months Aubrey:
~ Loves to play this game with daddy that she falls backwards.  Mom isn't a fan.
~ Loves to be pulled around in our homemade "train"

~ Claps her hands, says "all done" with the hand motions, and waves when she feels like it

~ Loves to stand and climb on and uder ANYTHING

~ Doesn't just plop down from a standing position but lowers herself down slowly
~ Loves to look out windows and sliding glass doors when she can't go outside

~ Gives kisses
~ Loves to move and dance around more and more

~ Follows mom and dad everywhere and in every room of the house

~ Loves to swing at the park

~ Pouts her lips and says "ooh" a lot

~ Cut two more teeth...in one day!  The poor girl :(
~ Loves to splash in the bathtub, but definately outgrowing the tub now

~ Started to grow a little bit more hair

~Went to Monterey and the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the beach for the first time.  Here are the blog posts of our trip :)
~ Getting good at putting lids on tupperware
~ Likes to stack objects.  Loves stacking her cups that fit inside one another
~ Like to look through cracks and get into crevases

~ She has a new teddy bear friend that she loves to hug and take around with her.  It has become her "security blanket" for now and we just love seeing her cuddle with it.

~ Shakes her head back and forth when you say "no" or she doesn't want something
~ Reached a weight of 16 pounds!