Saturday, September 27, 2014

Our Brave Girl

Today was a pretty big day for Miss Aubrey. Today she rode a horse! We went to this same farm camp we went to for a birthday party today a while back and you couldn't push her to get five feet from the horse. And today, as she was putting on her helmet, she turned to me and said, "Momma, I'm going to be brave. " And brave she was. I was one proud momma today seeing this little one ride. In the last month she has developed more confidence and has been spreading her wings little by little. We are so proud of you Aubrey girl!! Way to be brave! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lucy is 18 months!

As a one and a half year old, this girl is one busy little thing!!  She's growing and changing a lot, is saying more sounds that are actually sounding more like words, is interacting with and playing with her sister more, is showing more and more of her independence and strong personality, and is one lovable little one. 
These last three months have been so much fun and exciting to see her change.
She loved the kiddy pool that we set up in the backyard.  It was a lot bigger than our bathtub and she couldn't hold in her excitement of splashing and kicking in the water.  She also loves blowing bubbles in the water with her mouth.



A few months ago she was a little nervous around water, but she's over that now :). 

Lucy is one reckless little climber!  She doesn't care how tall or how dangerous something is and she just goes for it.  She has climbed up slides, our tall kitchen chairs, beds, tables, stairs, counters, literally has climbed up a wall doing a headstand, and into her car seat in the car.  Hey, now that she's getting into the car on her own it has made getting out of our garage just that much faster :).  Getting her to actually sit and get buckled in, however, is a different story.  She really dislikes her car seat.

Climbing has been fun, but so has crawling through and into things lately. 

Yup, she's in a dog crate here :).

She makes herself quite at home in there at times.


She really enjoys screaming whether it be when she's happy or when she's mad.  Lucy has got quite the lungs!
Some of her more "fun" words are spill, mine, awful, and she says Aubrey in a super cute way :).
It almost seems as if she is too proud to have help sometimes when she falls or gets hurt. 
She usually doesn't want much consoling.  At times she even gets frustrated with herself and looks for something to grab and throw. 
She attended her first out of town wedding where she literally danced through the night. More of that can be found here.
Had her first flu.

For some reason she has a new found fondness of rocks.  She'll hold onto them on walks for a while, play with them, and yes, throw them.  It's cheaper than toys and keeps her just as entertained :).


 Lucy went on her second camping trip (which went much better than her first!) and that can be found here.
Not sure what it is, but the girl is obsessed with putting objects or fingers in her eyes or other's eyes. 


Lucy loves to be around you in the kitchen and she always tries to get in between you and the cabinet. 
She wraps her blanket around her neck and walks around the house like that :).
She really dislikes getting her diaper changed :(.  Tantrums have also been really fun these last few months especially in stores.
Lucy, like her sister, loves music and loves to dance!  She even has some signature moves that are just her own :).  Jumping and bouncing are regular occurrences in our home.
Whenever she hears an airplane, she points and says "ah-pane."  She is her father's daughter. One evening we visited daddy at work and that can be found here.
She's gotten to be a picky eater and yes, against doctor's orders, is still taking her milk from a bottle.  She refuses to drink milk from a cup, but its become some cuddle time with mom and dad during feedings.  The girl loves her carbs though, but anything green she won't touch.
She's been really good using a fork and spoon, but sometimes she just loves to shove the food in as fast as she can!

She picked blueberries for the first time this summer.  Boy, does she love her blueberries!!

Lucy loves giving high fives.

Lucy is at such a fun age!!  Her facial expressions, her mannerisms, and her spunk keep us laughing more and more every day :).




Little blue eyes, we love you so very much and our love grows with each passing month.  Happy year and a half Lucy girl!!