Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Ballet Lesson

Aubrey has always been a little gymnast since she could crawl.  Gymnastics has been working out great for her, but with her skills we thought we should try out some ballet with her.
A friend told me about this non-profit organization that teaches ballet each lesson for cheap, so I took Aubrey this morning to see how she would do.
They stretched at first and then did some leg lifts.

Then they did some other ballet type of things (I know I'm being real technical here). 

She looked adorable!  She was pretty quiet and reserved the entire time, but she did exactly as she was instructed and was an excellent listener.  She also performed each skill really well.  I was pretty proud of her :).

So the verdict...she liked it!!  I asked her in the car if she enjoyed herself and with enthusiasm she yelled, "Yes!"  It looks like we might have a little ballerina after all :)!

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Doctor Is In

Almost on a daily basis we pretend play "doctor" at our house.  We have a doctor's kit and a veterinarian kit Aubrey was given on previous birthdays.  Lucy has taken to the stethoscope in both toys fondly :).
This morning was a "doctor's visit" that made me smile, so I want to remember this one. 
Aubrey sat down and was ready to see her patient.  I handed her a little monkey stuffed animal named Mollie.  She quickly took a quick glance at the monkey and asked, "So what's been bothering her?"
I answered, "Her tummy and she keeps pulling at her ear."
Aubrey checked Mollie's ears and said they were clear.  She then took her blood pressure and checked her heart rate; both were fine.  She nonchalantly asked, "Has anyone been sick?"
I assumed she meant if anyone had been sick around Mollie.  I said that her sister was.  At that moment Lucy was crawling under a cover we had made a tent with and without blinking an eye Aubrey asked, "What is her sister doing?"
I laughed out loud as Lucy got out from under the tented blanket and gave us a huge smirk. 

Aubrey continued to do a thorough checkup on Mollie.  She then turned her over and said, "Her stuffing is falling out.  Maybe that's why she's not feeling well.  Maybe her stuffing is itching her and bothering her."
I couldn't have diagnosed the problem any better :).  Web MD had nothing on Doctor Aubrey.  Aubrey went on to fix Mollie's stuffing dilemma and gave her some medicine for the pain and to help her feel better.  She also said that Mollie earned a lollipop for doing so well :).

It struck me as funny that in her three years of life Aubrey has picked up on so much and she said things that the doctor has said to her or Lucy verbatim!  Adult language coming from a three year old's pretend play was just too cute.  She's not in med school yet, but she sure is pretty good with her bedside manner :).

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Break in Monterey

Brandon got the chance to get some time off back in April so we planned a trip to Monterey with his parents for a long weekend.  We just love it there and it was so special to get to take Lucy there for the first time :)
We stopped at Pea Soup Anderson's on the way and just had to snag a quick picture of these two cuties.

We got to our hotel and had to wait for the room to be ready, so we decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and head down to the beach.
This was Lucy's first experience at the ocean (except for her little sound machine we have in her room) and she loved the sand but didn't like the water so much.  We thought she would love the water because she splashes and "swims" all the time in the bathtub, but maybe it was just a little too cold for her taste :). 


This little girl could have played in the sand all day!

Since it was Lucy's first time at the ocean, momma snapped a lot of pictures that afternoon :).


She looked so cute in her little hat and sunglasses she got for her first birthday :).  She only tried to take those sunglasses off a couple of times.

Aubrey has always loved playing in the sand and she took advantage of Papa's help in engineering sand castles and digging holes.

She also loved her new "stunna shades."

Our little beach beauties :).

Aubrey can't get enough of her younger sister sometimes and the hugs become squeezes :).
The next day we had the chance to go to the aquarium.  This was Aubrey's second time there and this trip was different than the first.  The first trip she loved to stare at everything.  She wasn't walking then and didn't say a word yet.  This time she went through every exhibit and asked a million questions!! I mean this was good, but oh can it be tiring. The why questions at this stage keep you on your toes :).

Lucy kind of took a back seat approach with things, but she sure loved to be held close to the glass and point to all the fish she saw.


As fun as the penguins were to watch and point at, Lucy got a little scared of one that was swimming under water right in front of us.


She warmed up to that little penguin in time :).

The huge kelp tank was the girls' favorite part.


The jellyfish were also pretty intriguing.

After a little snack break, this little girl got her second wind for the rest of our afternoon.

Oh Lucy...

The rest of the day was spent relaxing :)
Our last day we took a hike in Point Lobos National Park.  If you've never been there it is worth the drive.  Most of the hikes are easy and have some incredible views.
Even with the hike being on the easier side, and they were both capable of walking some, the girls both enjoyed the view from daddy's shoulders :).

Seriously awesome views!

Aubrey enjoyed feeling like she was on top of the world!

This was such a wonderful trip with so many fun memories made.  Not to mention a whole camera full of pictures :).

Bye Monterey.  Till next time!