Saturday, October 29, 2016

Capital Air Show 2016

Awhile back we got to go to the Capital Air Show for the first time!
Brandon got part of his morning shift off and we decided last minute to make the most of it! 
The girls enjoyed watching the airplanes and the cool tricks they did.  They especially liked the parachute acrobatic show. 

It was loud, so we gave the girls some earplugs to wear.  That was short lived as Lucy couldn't stand anything in her ears!


The Blue Angels didn't end up flying that day (and if you know Brandon this was a huge disappointment for him!), but we had fun getting to see all the other planes on display.


These girls belong to their daddy.  They love airplanes!!  It was a fun filled afternoon!  And we ended our outing with some slurpees on the way home :).


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pumpkin Farm Field Trip

I had the opportunity to go on Aubrey's first Kindergarten field trip this year to the pumpkin patch!  Since I've been working and feeling a little disconnected, I thought it was such a special blessing that I got to chance to be with her and her class on this fun filled day!
Here's a little video highlighting our day with her wonderful teacher and class!


Now it officially feels like fall :).

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

September Tidbits

These girls...
they keep us on our toes lately.
Aubrey can't sit still and is busy ALL the time.  She's wanting to craft, play outside, ride her bike. She wants us to read with her, bake with her and create with her. 
Lucy is talking up a storm (and says the funniest things!), plays independently, loves her dolls and cars, and is choosing when she wants to actually eat! :)
We've had more marker murals on walls, desks, and carpets more than ever before, picked up more toys around the house (and that is just useless to be honest sometimes :) ), broken up arguments, made obstacle courses and used enough paper, paint and tape to go a mile....we wouldn't change any of these things for the world!
The girls created their own restaurant complete with a menu one day.  It was the cutest thing to see them interact like they were really at a restaurant just the two of them with their animals :).

Bath time has been extra fun with extra bubbles!
Princess and tea parties are in full swing and happen on a weekly basis.
These girls love their sweets!  I don't think there's been an evening that Aubrey doesn't ask, "What's for dessert?" even before she's finished with her meal.

And it's been so great to spend some one-on-one time with Lucy while Aubrey is at school.  She's so independent, cuddly, and so talkative when she has your full attention.  She loves her dolls, dresses, and her stroller that is pushed arount the house (and left in the kitchen!) everyday.  We love walking to drop and pick up Aubrey from school and one day she really wanted to take her doll on the stroll.  As we walked she told me that she wants to cook when she grows up.  "I'm going to work at Taco Bell and say, 'here's your cheesy roll up and your burrito,'" she said.  Oh how we love this stage right now with her :).

Aubrey and Lucy got to experience their first football game this month!
We got to see our good friends Heidi and Josh who live in Texas.  We've been friends since elementary school and it's always so wonderful to see these two!

I decided to make gak with the girls one afternoon.  It ended up in Lucy's hair.  Like I said, they've been keep up on our toes!
Our bathrooms that we started remodeling back at the end of May are coming along and I can't wait to get the house back in order :).


 It's been a busy month!