Saturday, February 22, 2014

From the Mouths of Babes ~ pt.3 [Aubrey, age 3]

Lucy likes to get into cabinets. She has one cabinet she is allowed to get into and of course the mess she makes of Tupperware and sippy cups are always strewn about the kitchen floor. Lately she also been crawling around with a stethoscope around her neck. She literally goes straight for it when we set her down. 

Yesterday during dinner, Lucy finished up and needed out of her high chair. We set her down, she got her stethoscope and went straight for her cabinet. She made a mess as always and Aubrey turned around in her chair and plainly stated, "Oh silly girl. Doctors don't do that!" 

These girls just brightened our night and they were just being themselves :). 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014 [Lucy's first]

Taking these pictures and looking at them today kind of reminded me of our week.  There were some excellent moments with friends and family this week, but it was kind of a messy, rough, and chaotic week for many reasons. 
Yesterday we quickly tried to take some pictures of the girls in between so many things that were going on that we didn't notice that Aubrey still had some of her snack on her face, her shoes were on the wrong feet, and well, Lucy just wasn't in the best of moods due to her teething and her poor eye was watering badly.  But despite this week and all the craziness that it had in it, and despite our not-all-together look, Brandon and I took the time to remember we love each other and we are crazy in love with our girls.  Nothing can change that :). 
This was Lucy's first valentine's day so it was still very special :).  Sometimes you just can't get that perfect picture you want.  It makes for some fun memories in the meantime :).
Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!! 


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

From the Mouths of Babes [Aubrey, age 3]

Our oldest can say some pretty crazy things.  Some are just off the wall, some are hilarious, and some things she says makes her seem too old for her years :).
In an effort to remember some of the things she says, I've decided to document some of her statements in a segment I like to call "From the Mouths of Babes."
Brandon taking his vitamin in the morning:
Aubrey: Is your vitamin spicy?
Brandon: No, why?
Aubrey: Then why do you drink water after you put it in your mouth?
Yup.  That's our inquisitive girl :).

First Snow!

This winter has turned out to be quite the dry one.  We've wanted to take Lucy to the snow for months now, but alas no snow was to be found anywhere nearby.
A couple of weekends ago we finally got a little winter storm which brought some much needed rain and snow to the area.  We took advantage of it and went for a little morning outing to finally get some play time in the snow! 
We drove until we saw snow and pulled off the highway and drove to a little field right off the road.  It was no big deal, but as long as there was snow to play in Aubrey was happy :).

She was thrilled to get to make her snow angel in some real snow!  She's been practicing on our rugs at home :)

A snow man had to be created as well :).


It's the little things that make this girl happy.
This was Lucy's first snow experience.  We tried to have her touch the snow...
...but she really wanted nothing to do with it :).
We bundled Lucy up, but she still got pretty cold.  Aubrey got to play with daddy in the snow and the littlest one and I sat in the car and ate some cheerios. 
We still managed to get some pictures of her first time in the snow.

This little trip was fun.  We're looking forward to many more snow days in the future!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Lucy's 11th Month

One more month and this girl is one year old!! Another month is in the books and Lucy is one busy, happy girl.

At 11 months Lucy:
~ has another tooth!  One of her top teeth broke through at the beginning of this month.
~ loves to walk while you're holding her hands. 
~ cruises around while holding on to something. 
~ insists on closing every door behind her.
~ figured out how to each snacks out of her snack trap cup.  Some of it just spills out but it keeps her occupied for some time :).


~ stands for seconds at a time now! 

~ loves bath time and isn't as crazy in it anymore.

~ gives kisses :)
~ likes to leap forward from a sitting position
~ sits with one leg in front and one behind all the time.
~ loves to babble and make different sounds.  Likes to make ma-ma sounds and uh-oh.
~ plays peek-a-boo!
~ everything goes directly in her mouth!

~ really likes the crinkle of leaves.

~ apparently enjoys keeping her feet cold.  She takes off her socks every time we put them on!
~ loves to be everywhere her sister is.  Lucy searches for Aubrey all over the house and Lucy loves to find Aubrey when she's hiding under things.  The way they play together is just the cutest.
~ enjoys crawling on the grass.  Good thing the grass hasn't been muddy for months now (until recently of course).

~ waves, claps, and signs "all done" and "more"

~ is officially SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!  Makes for two very happy parents :)
~ likes to be on daddy's shoulders and in a swing.

~ is loving to sit and read a little more now.  Her favorite book is an animal touch and feel book.  She looks like such a big girl "reading" by herself :).

~ had her first trip to the snow
~ is such a happy baby.  She giggles and laughs all the time.

~ she really enjoys being chased and tickled.
~ enjoys looking at the world through her legs, upside down :).

~ had another double ear infection and this time a sinus infection on top of that.  She was still so happy we didn't really think anything was going on except for some teething, but sure enough she was sick :(. 

Little one, this year has gone by so fast!!  One more month away from ONE!!!  You are a joy in our lives and we love you so much.  As much as we want you to grow we also cherish this time when you are so little and cuddly.  You have become one pretty easy going little girl who is inquisitive and independent.  We love watching you learn new things.  Despite your independence, we love how you need sometimes just need our attention and just need to be hugged and held.  Happy 11 months baby girl!!  We love you!!