Sunday, May 26, 2013

He's 30!

This year held a milestone birthday for Brandon.  He's 30!!  He finally caught up to me. Now he can't hold it over my head that he is still in his 20s while I am in my 30s (and an "old lady" at that) :). 
A lot has happened in this decade for him: moved to southern California, graduated college, moved back from southern California, got married, trained in Oklahoma, started his career, bought a new car, bought a house, and became a father to two wonderful girls.  Phew!  A lot has happened these past ten years!  This is the decade where he experienced more big changes in his life than ever before.  Now going into his 30s, we had some celebrating to do!
Saturday the 25th we spent the day as a family of four.  I cooked buscuits and gravy for breakfast (one of his faves that he almost never gets) and for dinner I cooked him his favorite pasta dish.  We had a great day relaxing, watching a movie, and spending time together.  
Sunday we had our families come over.  Mary once again made a delicious birthday cake; Brandon's favorite peanut butter-chocolate.  So glad we have some left overs!  She decorated it with two intersecting runways.  And for all you pilots or aviation experts no the runways are not numbered correctly, but they're numbered for Brandon's birth year, age, and birthday.  The numbering threw Brandon off a little.

We did a nacho bar for dinner and that was a big hit.  Thank goodness it was all super easy for me :).
We all went in on a present for him, but we made him work a little for it this year.  Aubrey and I colored a picture.  Then I cut out the picture in different puzzle piece shapes and he had to put it together to see what it was. 

Before he finished it he knew what the present was.  He got pretty excited about it :). 

He had mentioned a while back that he would love to go on a hot air balloon ride sometime in his life.  I kept that little idea in the back of my mind for a few years now.  I figured this was a great time to do something like this.  So now we just have to make arrangements for the girls to be watched (I wonder who could do that for us? :) ) and set a date to go.  Brandon can't wait.  I'm a little nervous but excited about it too.
So we sang (Aubrey's voice seemed especially sweet this night as she sang), ate some cake, and had the evening together.

We got some pictures of our little family.  I couldn't love these three more...crazy faces and all!

The grandmas also got their Lucy fix for the evening.

We had a great night celebrating an awesome 30 year old. Happy birthday Brandon! Welcome to the club :). Can't wait to see what the next 30 years hold!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Her Hair... growing! This girl is finally starting to grow some hair so I decided to try and braid it after her bath. She actually let me. It only took three tries (it's a little hard with her thin hair) but we officially braided her hair!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Mother's day this year was very special. This most likely will be my last "first" mother's day with a new baby so it did feel a little extra special this year.

This day marked the first one with our little Lucy girl. 

From the beginning I always said that she was our miracle baby.  She is one strong fighter and I just love her to pieces.  She's made our family complete and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect little girl for us.  I was so blessed to carry her and now I am so blessed to be her mom.  I still can't believe she's here sometimes!
Mother's day started with Brandon helping out with Aubrey while Lucy and I slept for a little bit longer.  He made coffee cake for breakfast and then it was time for some gifts.  Aubrey and Brandon colored a card and on the back Brandon wrote down some things that Aubrey liked about me: "You're great, "You make me feel good," and "I love coloring with you."  I thought this was pretty cute.  She of course said, "I don't know" when Brandon asked her those prompting questions, but I loved her answers in the end.  Then I got a present from Brandon.  It was a beautiful mother's ring!  He got me a stackable ring when Aubrey was born and this was another beautiful ring that now stood for Lucy.  I looked at it and just started to cry.  It was so pretty and full of so much meaning and sentiment for me.  I just love it!  Brandon later said that day that he had peaked in his present giving :).  I'm sure I won't be getting anything like this for a very long time, but it was nice to be spoiled by my best friend.
The day continued with a lunch out and homemade chocolate mousse (yes, Brandon made the mousse) in the evening with my mom and dad.  The day seemed to just fly by, but I felt so loved and so special and I owe a lot of that to Brandon.  He has stood by my side through each pregnancy and he has been such a great dad to Aubrey and I know he will be to Lucy.  He is an awesome guy and I can't believe he's mine sometimes!  He loves me and these girls so much and it shows by the sacrifices he makes for our family.  He definitely made me feel like a very special mom on this day :).
So, here are the Pierce girls.  I cannot believe God has blessed us with two beautiful, intelligent, healthy little girls.  I am seriously so lucky to be their mom and I hope and pray and I can lead these girls to be the woman they were created to be.  Being a mom of two now has proved to be challenging at times (especially with the little sleep I've been getting :) ), yet I wouldn't trade any of those hard moments for the world.  It is by far the hardest job, but so rewarding and fulfilling.  I pray for wisdom and strength to be the best mom I can be to these wonderful girls.  Thank you for a wonderful mother's day!!  I love you girls so much! Te quiero mucho!! :)


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lucy's Newborn Pictures

Once again my awesome photographer brother (Jeremy Maz Photography) took some pictures of our new little Lucy at one week old. I love how Lucy's uncle took these and how special that really is :).
This post is a little late, but here they are!  Here are some of our favorites.  Thank you Jeremy for doing such a great job once again and capturing our little family :).