Sunday, January 22, 2017

December Tidbits {Christmas}

December was a busy, but wonderful month!  It seems like every year this time of year goes by faster and faster!
We picked out our Christmas tree early at the end of November. 
This is Lucy's current face she makes all the time :).

I know there will be a day when they no longer want to hold each other's hand, so I'm glad I captured this little snapshot of the two of them!

I got to enjoy a morning with my mom and these wonderful ladies at the Christmas women's breakfast at church one Saturday morning.  It was a great to time to really put into perspective what this season is really about.

We got to watch one of our good friend's little girls one day while their mommy got things ready for an upcoming trip and Christmas.  So sweet to see these girls together.  We don't get many opportunities nowadays to just play with friends, so this particular morning was just what Lucy needed.  We even walked to get Aubrey from school together!
These girls continue to have fun at Nana and Papa's house while mommy and daddy work. 

I had the opportunity to work in Aubrey's classroom and help build and decorate gingerbread houses!  Such a fun, memorable morning with our growing girl :).

For my birthday Brandon and the girls took the time to make some pretty cute cards for me :).

We had a "friends-mas" this year with our small group to celebrate our very own little Christmas together.  We had an ornament exchange and yummy food.  It was so great to come together with our families and be able to enjoy company with good friends!

Christmas Eve we went to our service at church complete with candlelight and carol singing.

Christmas night was fun and busy with four little girls running around the house!  My sister and her family drove from Utah that day and my brother had flown in a couple days before, so we were altogether for Christmas!  We appreciate the sacrifice it takes to travel, and we were so grateful we got to be together for Christmas and almost a whole week afterwards!

We even got these girls matching PJs for the night!  Such energy these girls bring to our gatherings :).

These girls have so much energy we decided to take them out to Bounce U one evening and at least get some of that energy out!  

We made pizza one night and needless to say, Leah is not the cleanest little cook :).

Overall, lots of fun times together as always!


Norah even had her first sleepover at our house this week while Krystal and Jon went away for the night.  Leah stayed with my mom.  These girls had some trouble going to sleep with all their talking and laughter, but they finally fell asleep about an hour after I set them down :).

New Year's Eve we spent at my parents ringing in the new year with cousins and pots and pans (at 9:00pm). 

These girls love their grandparents (on both sides!).



Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was spent just the four of us this year!  Daddy came home from his midnight shift and we opened presents, had breakfast and celebrated just us :).

Aubrey made us a special ornament from school.

The girls enjoyed playing and building with their new toys that morning!


Lucy had some fun playing with her nativity finger puppets she got the night before at church.

We had a really relaxed morning together and it was wonderful!  We later went over to my parents house to celebrate with aunts, uncles, cousins, and baba and dido! 
Leading up to Christmas was a little crazy with working until Friday the 23rd!  There will be lots of changes in the new year with a new teaching partner, but we enjoyed these moments of being still and soaking in the quiet moments this Christmas :).