Monday, July 25, 2011

First Camping Trip- Fallen Leaf Lake, CA

July 15-18 we went over to Fallen Leaf Lake for our very first camping trip with Aubrey.  We go camping every year with my family and it's always been a tradition to go to Twin Lakes/ Bridgeport, CA, but with the limited time off right now for Brandon and my dad we decided to take a trip closer to home and for a shorter amount of time.  We really missed our usual camping spot, but the lake and surroundings were just beautiful!  We set our tent up, with the pack-n-play in there too, and had some time to relax. 

Aubrey showing us how "tall" she is!!!
First night there we roasted our own hot dogs and went over to south shore for a little stroll in the evening.  That night was cold and as well as we tried to bundle Aubrey up, she was waking every 30-40 minutes crying and trying to stand up in the crib.  You would think with a beanie (that Brandon and his brother made for her), a long sleeve onesie, and a very comfy outer covering she would be content, but not so much.

At about 3:00am, we decided to move myself and Aubrey into my parent's trailer.  Much better choice!  She didn't end up falling asleep until about 4:30 and neither did the rest of the camp, but we had finally got some shut eye.  The next day we were all a little on edge from being so sleep deprived.  I hadn't been that tired since Aubrey was a newborn!  Brandon experiences this type of tiredness on a weekly basis.  We all got a taste of it that day. 

We spent the next day relaxing, eating, going to the lake, playing games, and bicycle riding. 

Friends let us borrow their go-pod which was such a lifesaver for us!  Aubrey loved it. 

The next couple of nights Aubrey and I slept in the trailer and they were MUCH better nights.  The days were again spent relaxing and just getting to spend time together.  We had so much fun and wish we could have stayed at least one more night.  It was great to spend some quality time with Krystal and Jon before they leave for Utah in the upcoming weeks :(.  We all were dirty and I think I'm still trying to get the campfire smoke smell from my hair, but it was all so worth it!

A Messy Day

Back in June we had a very eventful day on one of our drives to visit grandparents.  We were taking Aubrey for her first swim and on the drive there we fed her; Evie driving, Brandon feeding Aubrey.  When Aubrey was finished, Brandon was securing the bottle in the diaper bag.  In the brief seconds he took his eyes off of Aubrey, she grabbed a toy that was nestled between her legs and the seat.  When Brandon first looked up he saw something on her face, but he thought it was just spit up.  Upon further reflection, he realized she hadn't eaten anything of that color that day.  This left him with only one likely culprit...he was right.  It was all over the toy and all over her hands.  It was on the seat and was on her face.  We're talking about number 2: poop that is. 

Brandon quickly exclaimed, "Pull over now!" I retrieved the wipes and the camera from the trunk and we cleaned her up the best we could before continuing, but not before we had time to snap a quick picture.  Needless to say, the clean up was not fun.  The second we got to Brandon's parent's house we stripped her clothes off and brought her straight into the shower to hose her down.  (As a side note, her diaper was almost about bad luck).  The seat was then also hosed down and washed thoroughly and set out to dry for a day.  Aubrey proceeded to go for her first swim and the day was then salvaged.  Definately a car ride to remember!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Eight Months

It's been a busy month of growing and hitting some milestones!
At eight months Aubrey:
~ Can play peek-a-boo back with you
~ Loves the exersaucer!

~ Attempts to drink from a sippy cup.  She doesn't quite understand that she has to tilt her head back further to actually get the water sometimes.
~ Moves around so much when she sleeps that we find her in the craziest positions!

~ Crosses her legs and feet when sitting.  Mom just thinks this is pretty cute :).
~ Laughs at her touch and feel book

~ Went for her first swim this month

~ Started scooting in a circle when she is sitting to follow and get objects
~ Got her first tooth!  She's so busy and moves so much I still can't get a good picture of it!
~ Can go from her tummy to a sitting position all by herself.  This has made play time so much more fun :).

~ Pulled herself up on our ottoman and the same day pulled herself up in her crib.  Time to lower the mattress!

~ Went to the church nursery for the first time this month and did well!
~ Is still a great solid food eater!  Only food she dislikes so far is avocadoes.
~ Feeds herself little crackers. Not very well yet, but she's starting to get the hang of it.

~ Almost crawling!  She gets up on all fours but then lunges forward and hits her belly on the ground.  This pretty much gets her to wherever she wants to go and looks funny at the same time.  Hopefully she'll get the rhythm of actually crawling soon.

~ Laughs at her shadow on the ground

~ Likes to look at you through her legs when she gets on her hands and feet and picks her body up.  Maybe it's just looking at her world upside down that excites her :).
~ Likes to look at herself in the mirror

~ Developed some object permanance.  She knows that an object is there even though you've taken it away.
~ She's had some pretty fun tantrums when she is told the word "no" :(.  Boy can she scream!
~ Weighs 15 1/2 pounds