Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

This was Lucy's first Halloween and it was a good one.  Mom and dad weren't quite on the ball with costumes this year so Aubrey was a little fairy and Lucy was a little giraffe.  Despite all the plans being thrown together last minute I think they looked pretty cute :).

Sunday we went to a harvest festival at a local church with our friends the Jicklings and Purintons and Thursday we went trick or treating in our neighborhood with our friends the Purintons.  This was really the first year that Aubrey kind of understood trick or treating and she seemed to have fun with it.  Instead of saying "trick or treat" at each door she kept on saying "trick or treating."  So cute.  We thought she would be her shy self but she did really well.
It was a low key evening which was good.  Brandon had a midnight shift that evening so the "partying" didn't go on till late, but we had fun watching the kiddos have fun! 


Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Girls [tea party]

Our little girls are growing up way too fast.  We wanted to take some pictures of the girls together and what could be more fun than a tea party.  Aubrey got this tea set (actually she got three sets!) for her first birthday and she's loved it since the minute she opened it.  Aubrey is all girl and she has loved having tea parties with anyone who will participate. 
So we decided to take some pictures by our new favorite tree and picture taking spot.  Aubrey was as helpful as she always is with Lucy and showed her how to hold her cup and drink from it.  Even when Lucy wasn't using her cup the right way Aubrey swiftly corrected her.  Aubrey is so good with Lucy right now and we hope and pray these two will become great friends. 
Here is their first little tea party together :).




Here's to many more tea parties in the future!  One day we'll use real tea cups and eat real food, but for now mom and dad will just enjoy this precious time with our two littles and the moments they spend together.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Time!

A couple of weekends ago we really went all out with our pumpkin picking and autumn loving with going to two pumpkin patches!

Saturday we got to go with the Zylstras to Fog Willow Farms.  They've been going there and love it so we decided to make the trek out there this year with them.  It was Lucy's first pumpkin patch experience and it didn't disappoint. The farm had a petting farm, hay bail jumping fun, hay ride, a playground and of course pumpkins.  It's a really cute place and I would totally recommend going.  It was also a gorgeous day so that made it all the more fun :).

Lucy really enjoyed her first hay ride.
And these two...well, they are just so much fun!

Of course Aubrey had to spend plenty of time in the swing.
Can't believe these three are getting so big already!
 Grace and Koop are going to be getting another brother or sister in April and we couldn't be more excited for them and their new addition to this wonderful family!

It was a great morning and we'll definitely be visiting there again :).
On Monday we went to yet another pumpkin patch called Zittel Farms.  This was far smaller than Fog Willow Farms, but we've gone there in years past and enjoy how quaint and cute it is.  Here we got to pick out pumpkins to decorate our front door and enjoy again another beautiful fall day.
Our littlest pumpkin was a happy little one this morning and was observing everything around her.

We got to pick up Nana and take her with us this day too.  She just had a shoulder surgery and is recovering and we thought she could use the time with her grandkids and time out of the house :).

Lucy couldn't keep still anytime we sat her down.  She is really in a stage where she is exploring everything in her world.

To get these two to not have a silly face is pretty tricky sometimes, but those silly faces show a little part of their personalities I think :).

Lucy has to also taste test everything :).

Lucy is really into drumming on different objects and hearing their sounds.  She taps on something and then looks at you and smiles.  She couldn't get enough of the sounds these pumpkins made!


So we left with lots of pumpkins filling our wagon.  It was a great weekend and so fun!

Happy fall!