Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter seemed to come and go so quickly this year!  Easter was a little early this year and it seemed to sneak up on us!
For our egg decorating we got a messy this year!  I had seen this idea with shaving cream and food coloring and I wanted to try it out.  I didn't get any after pictures of how they turned out, but boy did the girls love getting their hands in that cream and getting creative!



These two girls couldn't be more different in their personalities as well as their likes and dislikes at times.  It's funny to see how different they are in the colors they each chose :).

Easter Sunday was spent with the Pierces and our good friends the Jicklings.


We had our feast complete with all the fixings, and then the egg hunt.  It was pretty funny that when the two younger kiddos found a "real" egg, they would just toss it away!

Davis was willing to share his eggs with Lucy, but I think Lucy didn't quite know what to think of that :).

The kids couldn't wait to dig into their goodies!

This was Jace's first Easter!
What a handsome group of boys they are!

These kids know how to make us laugh!

What a beautiful looking family!

As always, there were lots of sweets consumed :).


Our little ham couldn't get enough of the camera that day in her flowy dress!

It was a wonderful afternoons together celebrating what our Savior did for us!