Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just Out And About

We took an evening stroll this weekend with the girls and on our way found some goats eating away at the overgrown grasses in the area. 

The city of Roseville hires a company to take these goats out and eat up the overgrown areas in the city instead of having to mow it all down. It's a win win and fun for us to get to see all those goats.  

At one point the goats all started to leave at once. Aubrey tried to get them to stop :).
It was a very low key evening with some different sights.  Just our kind of night :).

Hot Roddin'

Saturday we had the chance to take a ride in Brandon's grandfather's 1925 Ford T Bucket. This was Corkey's dream car and he finally got it! 

We had fun taking this car out for a spin. 

Our little girl even got to ride around the block and sit in the drivers seat :)


We had a great time and look forward to many more rides in this fast car. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Norah's First Birthday

I think that this post is fitting to put up today as today is Norah's first birthday!!
A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to go back to Utah and celebrate Norah's first birthday! We drive the 11 hours on Wednesday. We made sure we were all packed and ready to go at 4:00 am. We got the girls up at the last minute and then we were off. We were pretty nervous about taking Lucy (who still screams during every car ride and doesn't sleep well) but to our surprise she really did awesome. We had a few hours where the screams seemed like they would never end, but she did great. Aubrey is a really good traveler and for one of the first times in her life she fell asleep in the car! There's just something about sleep with these girls :). We honestly couldn't have asked for smoother trip!!

Thursday and Friday were spent with family and getting ready for Norah's celebration. 

Saturday arrived and the birthday girl was  the cutest little thing in the room! She totally matched the "little miss sunshine" theme in her adorable yellow dress. 


My sister did an awesome job with all the decorations, details, and yummy food. I know she spent so much time preparing for this day and it all turned out so wonderful.  She is seriously so talented and anything she does turns out great.  She even made her dress own dress!

So we spent the afternoon celebrating this little ones life. We watched her devour and smash her cake into her hands and face. 
She didn't really know what was going on at first...
...but she got the hang of it pretty quickly :).

She got so dirty she had to be washed in the sink (and she didn't mind it at all ) :). 

We also watched her open her presents with her dad. Aubrey painted this card for Norah .
Of course the day was filled with lots of picture taking :). Lucy just couldn't get enough of Norah's face!


And we just had to get some of our little family :).

And one of my family (minus Jeremy :( )
Norah, we can't believe you're one already! This first year has flown by and it's been so exciting to see you grow and change. Our girls are so lucky to have such a fun loving, sweet, and happy cousin. We hope and pray the relationship between you and Aubrey and Lucy is strong despite any distance. We were so happy to get to be there and celebrate with you!! Happy birthday Norah! We love you!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Lucy's First Solid Foods

This Saturday was Lucy's first taste of solid foods!  It just seemed like this girl needed more than just milk the last few weeks so we thought it was time to start.
Seemed like she was pretty excited to get started :).
She looks so small in that high chair...

When she finally got a taste she couldn't get enough of that rice cereal!

Aubrey was pretty excited for her little sister too.

We were also told from several people that rice cereal might help a little with her reflux issue a bit so here's hoping :).

In the end Lucy was one content little girl :).

Here's to more mealtime messes coming in the future!!  Hopefully Lucy is not too picky of an eater :).