Monday, January 5, 2015

Thanksgiving Week 2014

Thanksgiving week this year was spent in Utah.  My parents, girls, and I drove there on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  I was pretty worried about the drive but with some awesome advice, goodies, and borrowing a friend's portable DVD players it ended up being a very smooth trip!!
We stayed at a hotel the first part of the week.  This is where some fun happened with Lucy.  She discovered how to climb out of her pack-n-play in the middle of the night!!  She climbed out, went over to my parent's bed and said, "Hi, Baba!" (That's what she calls my mom).  I was at a loss as what to do, but I put her back in the crib and back out she went.  Our little climber was no match for her contained space!  Into the night we battled it some more and later that week we did as well, but so far at home she's stayed put! (fingers crossed!)
Some friend's of Jon and Krystal let us stay at their house while they were out of town, and the last part of our trip was spent at Krystal's and Jon's.  It was a lot of moving around, but boy were we thankful to the Behms for their generosity in letting us stay in their home!!  It was a perfect place to house all of us (and what made it even better was that they had a trampoline, a swing set, and toys!!). 
This was our first time meeting our new niece and cousin, Leah Jane :).  We were all so anxious to see this new little bundle.  And she's a cutie (but I know I'm her aunt so I might be a little partial :) ).  And she has black hair!  Who would have thought with three little baldies already in the family there would be a little one with hair :).
We had such a wonderful time hanging out together, watching the girls play, eating good food and enjoying some snuggles with little Leah.

Aubrey really couldn't get enough and wanted to hold Leah all the time!


And Lucy just wanted to play with all of Leah's things :).

We ended up getting really nice weather while we were there and trips to little play areas and jumping places were on the agenda for our busy girls.



The three girls together act more like sisters than cousins and they bring the goofiness out of each other.

One morning we went up to American Fork Canyon to see the pretty scenery and to take some pictures.  It was COLD!!!  We have discovered on this trip that Lucy REALLY dislikes being cold!

Despite the frigid weather we got a picture with all four grandkids and my parents.  This was the Christmas present my mom wanted :).


Come Sunday after Thanksgiving Brandon flew in as my parents drove home. 
We went back up to American Fork Canyon the next day so Brandon could see it and so we could snap a picture.  Again, it was frigid but at least there was sun!  What a difference a day makes!  It really was breathtakingly beautiful.

As the rest of the week went on, we decided to extend our trip there an extra day.  This gave us a chance for more of everything fun and for some picture ops with our newest little niece :).


Our last night together we went to a place called Thanksgiving Point and drove through a light show and saw some reindeer.  One of them was affectionately named Sven :).

Oh, how we miss having our family all together in one local place.  We're all so spread out now and our face to face time isn't near as often as we would like, but boy were we thankful we had the opportunity to see one another and meet the newest member of the family.  It was a very happy Thanksgiving :).