Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Saying Goodbye is NEVER Easy

As I write this post (and try to get my thoughts out without crying too much), Jon and Krystal are driving to Utah; truck packed full to the brim and an Acura aquiring more miles on it.  They are starting a new life in Provo where Jon will be a youth pastor.  Change is always hard.  You hear people say that all the time, but when it comes to things changing around you it is then that you understand what "hard" really means. 

Krystal and Jon have been living here around 9 months.  They found out they were going to be moving here right around the time Krystal threw me a beautiful baby shower.  We were so excited!  They moved during the month of October where Jon started a part-time job as a junior high director at our church.  November came and Aubrey was born and we were so excited that they got to share in this special occasion with us.  We were even greeted with a homemade birthday cake from Krystal when we came home from the hospital.  From the time they moved we didn't know how long they
would actually be here in Sacramento with us, but we cherished the time.

Sisters.  Many words and thoughts come to mind when you hear that.  So many words come to mind when I think about Krystal as my sister and how God has blessed my life with her.  Too many to write down, but I'll try to put things in a nutshell.  She is ALWAYS there for me.  She always encourages me and most of all always listens to me.  Even when Aubrey was born she spent the nights with me while Brandon worked nights.  She has always been so helpful in every situation.  She always has a way of making you feel so special.  We call her Martha Stewart sometimes becuase she is so creative and crafty.  She is gifted in so many things: music, guitar, cooking and baking, entertaining, graphic design, sewing, being a wonderful homemaker, and a singer with a beautiful voice.  I have always looked up to her even though I am the older one.  We have so much in common that we do so many things together.  From shopping to cake pops, to sharing recipes and life experiences.  Not to say that our relationship has always been hasn't, but as we got older our relationship has become so close that I treasure it so much. 

Brothers.  A lot of words come to mind with that word as well.  Jon has truly become a brother to us in every sense of the word.  He has been there to support us in so many ways, is so fun to be around, and we can have serious conversations as well as be our goofy selves with him.  God has blessed him with so many gifts as well and we can't wait to see how they will be used.  He has made so many efforts with our family to be there for us that we could not have imagined a better person joining our family and being such a great husband to Krystal. 

So as we try to move on we will cherish the memories that we had with them here.  We will miss how Aubrey lights up when she sees either of them (I'm sure we'll see those looks to them again, they just won't be as often :( ), we will miss the walks, the slurps, Silver Dragon Sunday lunches, the get togethers, the spur of the moment shopping trips, and most of all we will miss not seeing them on a weekly basis.  You almost take advantage of that when you see someone so often.  Despite the sadness, we are SO happy for this new adventure they are about to embark on.  Now the times we see them will be even more special.  We look forward to times together as a family and look forward to sharing in more joys and blessings in all of our lives.  Thank you for all that you did for us and all that you are Jon and Krystal!  We love you and will miss you so much!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nine Months

At nine months Aubrey:
~ Took her first camping trip
~ Showed us how "tall" she was, waved "bye-bye" for the first time, and made the "all done" sign when she was finished eating
~ Was dedicated on July 31, 2011
~ Loves being under tables and playing under there

~ Loves windows.  We can't keep our sliding door clean anymore!

~ Started to hide when she was "found" playing peek-a-boo

~ Actually crawling now and going everywhere.  Aubrey is standing up quite well too.  Mom can't quite catch a break now, but loves seeing Aubrey come around the corner :).  All this moving around has created a lot of bruises on her head :(.

~ Loves to bounce
~ Dances and bounces along to music
~ Loves to be thrown up into the air

~ Makes "ma-ma" sounds.  Not like we think she's really saying mama, but we'd like to think so sometimes.

~ Likes to grab objects with feet including her bottle when she is eating.  We're trying to teach her some manners :)
~ Makes clicking sounds with her mouth
~ Looks like she is pretending to read to herself
~ Babbles a lot now.  We just love listening to her!
~ Cries when you tell her "no"
~ Got her second tooth
~ Loves to play with boxes.  Who knew something free could provide such a thrill!

~ Likes to put toys in her mouth and then crawl around with it still in her mouth
~ Crawls to daddy when he comes home from work...priceless :)
~ No matter how small the partcile, she loves to pick it up

~ Loves to play with hair...especially daddy's :)

~ Really good solid food eater!  Mom is loving trying new recipes and foods with her.

Not so sure about Tofu yet :)

~Weighs 15 1/2 pounds and doctor is thrilled with the weight gain!!  Yay!!
~ Hardly ever falls asleep on us anymore, but with her teething she's been a little more tired then normal.  Teething does have its advantages :)

For the most part she is one happy and content little girl.  We have some challenging moments this month, yet they are outweighed by the happiness and awe we find in seeing Aubrey grow and learn.  She is changing and growing so fast!!  Her GI specialist said she is doing tremendously better than she has in the last few months.  She will someday outgrow her milk allergy.  Soy seems to be agreeing with her so far!  We just love this baby girl more and more every single day and cannot image our lives without her.  

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aubrey's Dedication

On Sunday July 31, Aubrey was dedicated.  It so happened that this weekend Jeremy was shooting a wedding so he was in town and my aunts were in town from L.A.  Grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunts, and extended family were all there. It was such a blessing to have so much family share in this special time with us. 

Pastor Rich asked us what was our prayer for Aubrey.  Brandon spoke about the prayer we have been praying for her even before she was born.  We pray that she would know God and desire to serve him with her life.  We pray that she would have a heart for people and use her "energy" for his purposes.  We also pray for wisdom as parents to raise her in a way that would please Him. 

Pastor Rich prayed for us while Aubrey tried to grab the microphone :).  Aubrey did awesome up there and it was such a special time for us as parents of this little miracle that we have been blessed with! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jon and Krystal's Open House

Before Jon and Krystal move (in about a week :( ), we wanted to do an open house for them so tht friends and family would have a chance to say goodbye.  Jon is starting a new, full time job as a youth pastor in Provo, Utah.  We're all so happy for them, but we will miss them terribly.  It was a hot afternoon, but the evening turned out to be so nice.  It was a dessert buffet...who could pass up sweets?! :)

We made cookies to match the invitations.  They turned out pretty cute and they didn't taste so bad either :). 

The evening was filled with lots of people, good dessert, some tears, and lots of congratulations for Jon and Krystal.

 It has been so nice having them here for the past nine months.  It was so special for us to have them spend some good, quality time with Aubrey when she was born up till this point.  They have been an encouragement to our family and brought so much laughter and joy.  We won't get to see them as often anymore, but we know when we do get to see them and spend time together the time will be even more special.  As they move on to this new chapter in their lives, we're praying for them and wish them all the best. 

We love you guys SO MUCH!!!  We'll miss you!!