Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Want To Ride My Tricyle

This week we celebrated a milestone for this little blonde...no more diapers!!!  We have been going about this process for some time now and we decided that this week we would go cold turkey, both day and night, without diapers.  That day was a success, followed by the day after, and the day after that!  We're going on a little over a week now and I think we can finally say this girl is potty trained! She's been really good about telling us when she needs to go and we were very surprised that she can already make it through the nights.  This girl was definitely ready and we are so proud of her! It just seems a little weird that our little girl isn't in diapers anymore.  We're not complaining but it's crazy how fast time really flies!
To celebrate this big milestone we got Aubrey her first tricycle.  She couldn't have been more excited about it.  We took it for a test run and she got the hang of it in about 1/2 an hour.  Her steering still needs a little work as she ended up in the grass a few times, but she's on the right track!
We're so proud of you Aubrey girl!!  Enjoy your new bike!!
Of course I just couldn't help taking pictures of all the cuteness :). 
Yeah, that is a butterfly in this picture.  It just happened to be flying around Aubrey :). 

Daddy got to teach Aubrey to ride her tricycle.  This was always something he has looked forward to doing even when Aubrey was a baby.  She's growing up!


Great job Aubrey!!  You're getting to be such a big girl :). 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Impromptu Visit!

This week we had an impromptu visit with Krystal and Norah!!  Jon is in a wedding in Hawaii and he had to fly out from Sacramento, so the three of them drove in on Monday.  Jon left early Tuesday so we didn't get to spend much time with him :( but we got the rest of this week with Krystal and Norah!
Norah is a crack up and she has so many funny faces and mannerisms!  She has already changed a lot since the last time we saw her.  We're all having fun together and seeing each other as much as possible.


We have tomorrow with them and then we say goodbye, but only for another week and a half!!  Norah's first birthday party is coming up soon and we're trekking out to Utah again soon!

They're Growing Up!

My friend Christine and I have been friends ever since we were still going to Sierra College.  We met in a grammar class and we've been friends ever since!  I had the privilege of taking pictures of her wedding and we've grown even closer now that we are both moms.  We love our play dates together and the friendship we share.
This week their family got to come over for dinner (for the first time in years!) and we finally got a picture of the four kiddos together!

Our families have grown a lot since those junior college years!  Looking forward to seeing these four grow up :).

Camping Tradition Continues

Last year because of some unforeseen health issues with me we didn't get to go camping to our annual camping spot, but this year we made it. Now with TWO girls it was a very different trip than the last time we went :). It was so nice to see all the familiar sites. It was, as with every time we have gone, beautiful!
We started off on our trek, our car packed to the brim, early Tuesday morning. Lucy and Aubrey did awesome all the way up and Lucy even slept a little in her car seat (which he never does!). We were pleasantly surprised that the trip up went so smoothly. We got to our campsite where my parents were already set up and waiting for us.

We spent the next three days soaking up the sun and the time together.

It really was a neat experience to watch Aubrey thoroughly enjoy getting very dirty no matter where she stepped.

This girl who is normally so clean and tidy and who hates to have her hands dirty couldn't get enough of digging and trampling in the dirt around us. She just loved every minute of it!

Good thing her little doll wasn't a real baby :).

Aubrey loved sleeping in the tent with her daddy and she even went fishing for the first time with her dido and caught two fish. Of course she told a couple of tall tales as she said she caught three fish instead of two and as she showed us how "big" her fish were with her arms :).  This was definitely a very special moment; a fisherman fishing with his granddaughter. These pictures are ones that are so special to us.

That look of fear on the fish was priceless!

*insert theme song from Leave It To Beaver here :)
Aubrey absolutely loved being outside and seemed to love everything about camping. She truly was a happy camper :).

Lucy, on the other hand, had a little but of a rougher time during her days and especially nights. The hardest part was that she really couldn't be put down because she would just end up in the dirt. The littlest camper still smiled a lot when she was awake and loved being by the rushing water of the river right behind our site. 

We know camping will be a lot easier when the littles get a little older :).


I actually tried to take a nap one afternoon for one of the first times since Lucy has been born.  I fell asleep in a chair outside and was abruptly woken up by a chipmunk biting my toe!! I have the little scar to prove it!
Although this maybe wasn't the most relaxing camping trip we've had the experience of camping as a family was so special. I had been camping to this particular spot for years and now I got to bring OUR girls with us!! Our girls were in the same spots I grew up in. It's kind if surreal how our lives have changed so much :). Brandon didn't grow up going camping so he always likes going and it's always a blast for him.

This was the first camping trip to Twin Lakes but definitely not the last! We look forward to many years of camping together here :).