Sunday, May 13, 2012

2nd Mother's Day

Man, do I love this girl!!  I am so blessed to be a mom and a mom to this little one.  She has made my days so much happier.  I just love you Aubrey!!  You are one precious little girl and I am so proud to be your mommy!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

18 Months

Once again, time has gone by so fast!  At 18 months Aubrey is speaking more, playing by herself a lot more, and getting to be more interactive with people and other kids.  She is so much fun to watch!

This girl loves slides!  Everytime we pass by a park or Sunplash in our neighborhood, she clearly sees the slides and says the word every time we pass them.  She loves to go down them by herself.  She tells herself to "go" and then drops down and holds herself on the end before she goes down.  He face is priceless when she gets off.

She loves to "swim" in the bathtub on her stomach and pushes off with her feet to propel herself through the water.

Is so dramatic sometimes. When she says certain words she says "AH" before words.  She always says, "AH bird!"

This girl is in love with bubbles and also asks on a regular basis to go play outside with bubbles.  She asks us to first put her shoes on, says outside, and then says bubbles.  It has been amazing to see how many words she can say and put together!!  Thank you is one of her new words that sound so cute :)

She is definately testing us a lot more with what she can get away with :)

She loves to read, but always wants us to read her the same books.  There is a book where an elephant sneezes and after we read it she walks around the house saying, "ah, ah, ah-choo!"

Wants to feed herself all the time and it usually ends up with her tipping her bowl over on her tray or trying to feed herself with a bowl.  She can now eat using a spoon and a fork despite her dislike in wanting to use it sometimes :)

She loves to be in the kitchen and her job now is to spin the lettuce in the spinner.  She's only got her finger caught in it once. 

She still is not crazy about Uncle Tyler's beard :(

She is so much fun and learning so much!! Love this girl :)