Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jeremy's Art Center Graduation

The weekend of December 14 was Jeremy's college graduation from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.  We all had the chance to go and see him walk the stage and see his grad show.  This graduation has been 3 1/2 years coming and Jeremy has worked so hard for his photography degree.  We were so excited that so many family and friends were going to go and celebrate with him and it was going to be a busy, great weekend together!
We drove down to Pasadena on Friday.  We had dinner as a family when all of us arrived and went to The Americana in Glendale to see the place all decorated for Christmas.  On the way we passed by the hospital my sister and I were born in.  It was kind of a surreal moment with now two girls in our back seat and realizing how time really does fly by :).

Saturday was a busy day.  We had lunch with everyone that came for Jeremy's graduation and then off to the hotel so the girls could get a small nap in.  The graduation ceremony was late in the afternoon.  It was on the school grounds under a huge tent and made for a nice set up to get in and out of with two antsy girls who couldn't quite sit through a two hour ceremony :).

Jeremy had officially graduated!!!

Then it was off to his grad show on the school's beautiful campus.

Jeremy had a wonderful conceptual body of work displayed and a video he and a friend collaborated on.   He did an awesome job!

You can see more of Jeremy's work and blog at

Congratulations Jeremy!!  We are so very proud of you!!  We hope and pray you get an awesome job that really utilizes all your amazing talents and skills!!  And a job that you're excited to go to everyday :).  We love you and can't wait to see what the future holds for you!!

My Best Friend's Wedding

So I'm a little late on this post.  Life has been a little hectic but with lots of fun things! 

One of these exciting things was that my very dear and lifetime friend (and it's almost been a lifetime since we've been friends since kindergarten :) ) got married!!  Through years of school, traveling the world together, one long, very fun road trip, tennis matches played with those calories burned being cancelled out by a slurpee almost every time, and so many great memories of just hanging out and being us, Heidi got married!!  We have shared so much together and we could not be more excited that she has found an awesome guy to share the rest of her life with.  She stood by us on our wedding day and although miles have now separated us, whenever we see each other we pick up where we left off each and every time :).  I just love this girl! Heidi and I became were great friends from the start, but Brandon also grew up together with us so they were friends as well.  They joked that she was the sister he never had and that he was the brother she never wanted.  All in good fun of course :).  We always joked (and Brandon always gave her a hard time) that she would be married by the age of 40 and she always denied it, but here it was, December 9th, her wedding day :).

To go back a little, we found out she was engaged this summer when they met with Brandon and I for lunch.  I even looked for the ring on her finger when they walked in :).  It was time and we were so excited for them.  They went on to tell us that it was going to be a small Maui!!  We were excited that Brandon and I were invited!!  As the months passed we tried to see how we could work things out with taking our girls, but then decided that it would be too much travel for such a short amount of time.  Then we tried to see how Brandon could take the time off. Since he has to request his leave a year in advance the time during Heidi's wedding was taken by other coworkers and nothing else could be done.  So we had come to the realization that we were going to miss her wedding :(. 

In passing I was telling our friend Charmaine about this wedding and that we weren't going to be able to go.  She turned and said that if I wanted to go she would totally go with me.  I thought at first she was just saying that but she later told me that she and her husband were both on board with her coming with me if I wanted.  So I thought about it for a couple of weeks and finally decided that we should go.  Who couldn't use some time away, right? :)  We got an awesome deal on the flights and hotel and the trip was set!

We left on Sunday, December 8th bright and early to catch a flight from Oakland.  I picked Charmaine up and gave her husband some thank-you-for-letting-your-wife come-with-me-and-here is-something-to-get-you-through caramel treats and we were off.  You know you're with a great friend when you talk through the entire plane flight making the flight feel pretty short :).  We got to our car rental place in Hawaii and they upgraded our car to a Chevy Tahoe!  Then we arrived at our hotel and they upgraded us to an ocean front room!!  Some pretty nice perks for this fun girls weekend away :). And by the way, this hotel was really quite the treat for both of us!  We stayed at the beautiful Grand Wailea Hotel.

It was a little weird to see Christmas decorations in such a tropical place :).

Sunday we settled in a bit and then got a bite to eat before I met up with Heidi and her fiancĂ© Josh.  We caught up on our lives a little and talked about the big day. 
Later that night Charmaine and I went to a nice dinner at Roy's which was really good.  By the end of that day we were pretty spent.
Monday came and Charmaine and I had some time in the morning to grab some breakfast and have some time together before I headed off to the wedding site to help Heidi get ready. 
The wedding was at an estate on the south side of the island.  I drove down to the house and it was beautiful!  Right on the ocean!  Super cool spot for a wedding :).  When I walked towards the house and everyone was outside.  Turns out the air conditioning in the place wasn't working and it was pretty warm and humid in there.  Not the conditions a bride wants to get ready in the day of her wedding!  So we piled the girls in the Tahoe and drove back to Heidi's hotel room where her hair and makeup was done.  Sigh of relief.  There's always a hiccup in every wedding right? :)



With Heidi's hair and makeup done all she needed was her dress.  We drove back to the estate where we all quickly got dressed including the beautiful bride and getting her into her gorgeous dress.

The ceremony started a little late, but we were on Hawaii time :).
Heidi was walked down by her dad while the pastor played a beautiful melody on the conch shell.  It was perfect :).

The ceremony was simple and represented Heidi and Josh well.  During the ceremony we each got a lei and a hug from the bride or groom. 

After the ceremony the two love birds took some family and friend pictures and then some sunset pictures of which I am so excited to see! 

I wish I could say we basked in the sun for days afterward, but we were headed back home the next day.  Short and sweet.  Heidi's family has always treated me like family and I couldn't have felt more loved and appreciated the whole time I was there.  I am SO thankful I had the opportunity to go and couldn't have asked for a better time with my travel companion. It was such a nice, kiddo free break for these two mommas whose kids still aren't great sleepers :).  THANK YOU, THANK YOU Brandon and my mom for taking care of the home front while I was gone!!  It meant so much to me to be there :).
We just couldn't be happier for Josh and Heidi!!  Congratulations again you two!  Here's to the rest of your lives together!!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Birthday [number 31]

This birthday for me was a very low key one. After a Hawaii trip and our Southern California trip (more to come on those)  it was nice to take a day at home and with my family. Brandon got to take the day off and that was present enough for me :).

We took a walk and had a nice picnic lunch at a park.  Brandon took care of everything that day including diaper duty. 

I got to watch a movie in the afternoon while sipping some coffee. Something I never get to do and it was nice. Brandon and I went out to dinner while the girls were watched by my parents and then family came over for cake that evening. Overall a very relaxed day and it was perfect. Thanks Brandon for taking on the load of the day. It meant the world to me to have our little family together all day :)!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lucy's 9th Month

Goodness this little girl has been busy this month!!  It seems like this month, compared to other months, has been a month where one day she is doing one thing and the next day she's on to another milestone.  It's so fun to see her grow and change :).

At nine months Lucy:
~ stands up on her own!!  She stood up on a toy a day after she turned eight months old.  Now at the end of this month she's a pro.
~ had her first trip to Apple Hill.  You can see the rest of the trip here.
~ enjoyed fall and all the leaves in our yard and park

~ is officially crawling!!  Gone are the early days of army crawling, but now she is moving all over the house on all fours.  She's getting faster and faster each day and sometimes she finds her way into many precarious situations :).  Not gonna lie, there were a couple of times where she's crawled into another room without us knowing for a bit.
Here she comes!


She gets into mischief sometimes :)

~ loves to crawl under things.
~ loves to play hide and seek.
~ had a visit with Uncle Jeremy and Aunts Marta and Lidia one weekend this month.

~ waves and points, but we don't think she knows exactly what she's doing yet :).
~ can sit up from a crawling position.
~ LOVES to dance and move to music.  We have some epic dance parties at our house!
~ had her first Thanksgiving and got her first major head wound while mom was trying to take a picture.

It wasn't really that bad.
~ stands up and crawls up on anything and everything she can find.  This plane toy is her favorite.

~ is pretty independent.  Unlike her sister used to be, we can set Lucy down and she'll play by herself for a little while.  She'll just move from toy to toy when she gets bored.
~ laughs at her sister A LOT.  We just cannot get enough of those giggles!!
~ is cruising a little bit.  When she gets up and starts to move she sometimes can't figure out how to get back down again.
~ is still in 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.
~ has gotten a little more apprehensive about leaving mom or dad.  Even when we're right there next to her she cries.
~ stands in her crib.  The crib had to be lowered this month.

Her personality it coming out so much and she has so many different faces!!


Well the time has come.  That bow on her head is no longer safe!  Lucy can't help but take it off the second we put it on!


~ is handling being in the car seat a lot better now!

Little Lucy, you have changed so much this month!  We can't wait to see your personality come through even more in these next few months.



 Love you baby girl!  Happy 9 months!