Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day 2015

These girls and their dad.  They have a special bond that is hard to explain, but I get to be the lucky one that sees the bond and the closeness they share on a daily basis :).  The way they play and laugh together melts your heart.  The way Brandon throws the girls up in the air or wrestles with them sometimes stops my heart!  But in every interaction with them there is love behind it all.

He entertains (a lot of the time with playing his ukulele and singing some pretty crazy, made up songs), he laughs, he's patient, he's stern and disciplines when its warranted, he takes every chance he can get to spend time with the girls, and he is ever sacrificing and works hard for our family.  I can go on and on, but I'll stop for now :).  He's just wonderful and I couldn't imagine parenting these little girls without him (especially on those days when I just can't handle another tantrum!).

Thank you Brandon for loving our girls and I unconditionally through it all!  Thank you for everything that you do for us and for the wonderful example of a loving husband and father you are.  Happy Father's Day!!  We love you!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Seven Year {Anniversary}

 Seven years.  What a blessing to have this guy by my side through the last decade!  The last seven years have had so much packed into it, and we wouldn't change a thing :). 
We had the opportunity to get away on our anniversary weekend to Half Moon Bay.  We had come here a year before and we loved the place we stayed at, so we went back for a second time for a little longer period of time.  This weekend was little bit more chilly than the last time we had been here, but we both will take some colder weather rather than the heat we had back in Sacramento this particular weekend.
We had such a wonderful, much needed, time together.  We talked (and actually got to finish the conversations we started), we didn't listen to one children's song, ate some wonderful food, and biked together along the coast.  It was absolutely perfect and some time together that we desperately needed. 

I think we can honestly say that we love each other more today than we did the day we got married.  We love the blessings of kids and our home and how we get to share and do life together.  We love the laughter we share and shoulder to lean on when one of "those" days just happened.  We love the fact that we have so many inside jokes and that when either one of us says a line we know exactly what the other means.  We love the time we spend together making memories with our girls and the precious time we have with them.  Our life is so full of so many blessings are we are so thankful for each and every one of the them.

And a BIG thank you to my parents and brother for watching our girls for us!! They had such a fun time I don't even think they missed us! :)
Here's to seven years Brandon!  And many more :).  I love you  (to the moon and back, to the moon, to the sun and back again :) )!