Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Swim

Last week, during those really hot days, we decided to have Aubrey have her first swim experience!  To "test the waters" we got a small blow up pool for our backyard.  We filled it with water and let it heat up a bit and then we were ready to see if she would like it.  In typical Aubrey style, she was pretty apprehensive at first, but then really enjoyed it :).  She was splashing away by the end.

Later that week we went over to Brandon's parent's house and she really got a taste of swimming!  She loved swimming with daddy, papa, and grandma. 

Her feet definately looked like prunes by the end :).  We'll swim again soon!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Father's Day

So Sunday June 19 was Brandon's first official father's day!  In the morning we had bran muffins and coffee for breakfast.  Aubrey and I made him a couple of cards.  On Aubrey's card it said that he had to go find his gift outside.  He looked around the backyard for a little bit to find two stepping stones: one with Aubrey's handprint and the other with her footprints and glass we got from Glass Beach one time when Brandon and I were dating :).  He actually knew what he was looking for already because I forgot to erase the history on the computer :(, but he was still surprised as to what they looked like.

After the hunt for the gift and breakfast, we were off to church in the morning.  Brandon was playing bass that Sunday so it was a little rushed, but Aubrey did great that morning.  For lunch we went to Mike and Mary's for ribs and pineapple upside down cake (Strawberry pie for mom :))...yum!  Brandon then had to head off to work by 3:00pm so the rest of the day Aubrey and I spent together and then visited my dad in the evening.

It was a rushed and busy day, but I think Brandon felt special and appreciated.  I couldn't ask for a more wonderful husband and father!!  We are so blessed by him!  Thanks Brandon for ALL that you do for us.  We love you!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Great America Trip

On June 16-17 we decidecd to celebrate and early father's day and Jon's birthday with a trip to Great America.  Brandon and I hadn't been there in years and we thought we'd give it a go.  This was the most complex and labor intensive trip we've taken so far, but it was well worth it!

The 7 of us, Krystal, Jon, Mommy, Papi, Brandon, Aubrey, and I all stayed in a suite at Embassy Suites.  We got to go to Rock Bottom Brewery (where we went to in Portland when we visited Krystal and Jon) for dinner on the 16th to celebrate and early father's day.  Then on to trying to get a good night's sleep for the busy day ahead.  Aubrey did awesome that night! 

We got up in the morning and had a great breakfast (I even let myself have milk products that day :) ), and then we were off to the park. 

We really had such a good time!  The weather was wonderful: not too cold, not too hot and sunny.  Aubrey was on stimulation overload and nothing could wipe that smile off of her face.  She even took her naps in the stroller and stayed on her normal schedule all day :). 

Aubrey before her first amusement park ride :)

Aubrey after...still smiling!

Her favorite toy by the end of the day

Everyone was so helpful with her and Brandon and I couldn't have done this trip without their help.  It was a very successful trip with great memories made.  We'll definately do something like this again!

Even at the end of the day...smiling!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

All Packed Up

So this week was a little emotional to say the least.  It is maybe the FINAL time I will have to pack up my classroom at the end of the school year.  It took three days, but the walls have no bulletin boards or student work up, the cupboards are bare, and my desk is empty and the student's toys that I took away are gone.  Our once clean garage has been once again piled up with boxes and books yet to be organized.  I have done this many times as each year I have been laid off over and over again, but this year is a little different.  This time I got an official lay off notice and don't know if I would even have the opportunity to return.  It's very bittersweet knowing that my career as a teacher might be over for now, but I know that there might be other plans for me right now...teaching one very special little girl.   Although the numbers have changed (34 pairs of eyes watching and listening to you), I know that I have a very important role in one beautiful little girl's life and that is a blessing that I can be ever so grateful for.  The reward for me now will not be monetary (but who are we kidding...a teacher's paycheck is never enough), but I know the rewards will far exceed my expectations now.  My official job title may not be "teacher" anytime soon, but I will be a teacher in more ways than I know :).

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seven Months

At seven months Aubrey:
~ Is totally sitting up unsupported now!  She plays really well by herself when she's sitting, but then fusses when she falls down.  Hasn't quite got the hang of sitting back up...although she tries :).

~ Started solid foods this month.  So far has eaten rice cereal, green beans, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, and prunes.  She's gaining some more weight with the solids and loving the new tastes.
~ FINALLY started sleeping through the night!  On average 9-10 hours!!  Yay!!
~ Started making noises and babbling a lot more now.  She makes bubbles, makes some crazy throat sounds, screeches, and winnies in a high pitch voice.  Likes to make a-ba and ba-ba sounds.  She also has a shrill scream which she uses often during her tantrums...yes, tantrums :(.  She doesn't go down without a fight sometimes.

~ Can transfer toys from hand to hand
~ Still very clingy to mom
~ Doesn't like Uncle Tyler's beard and cries every time at the site of it.
~ Almost mastered the pincher reflex

~ Started to get on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth.  Still just falls right back on her tummy each time.  Crawling on the horizon soon...yikes!

~ Loves textures and grabs everything in sight.  Puts everything in her mouth, including her hand.

~ Puts objects up to her ears and forehead sometimes and holds them there for a little bit. Who knows if she just wants to feel the texture or something?  A little quirky, but funny.
~ Is constantly moving her right leg.  When she's laying on her tummy, on her back, and even slams her foot against the edge of her carseat. 
~ Rolls all the way across the room.  She's always moving!

~ Started crying during church and not sleeping like she normally did.  We think it might be nursery time
~ Has become so happy :)

~ On May 16th: Height- 26 inches (50%), Weight- 13 lbs, 6 oz (5%)