Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Foods

So Aubrey last week had her first taste of solid foods.  It was rice cereal and she loved it!  She wasn't so sure at first, but it grew on her quickly.  We were afraid of an alergy with all her tummy issues, but no issues yet thank goodness :).  We're enjoying this messy but fun milestone!  Hopefully as time goes on she won't be that picky of an eater :).

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Six months

At six months Aubrey:
~ Started rolling around in her crib still swaddled.  It was like she was in a straight jacket at times and was pretty funny.  She is now being swaddled with one arm out and she rolls right to her tummy when we lay her down.  We're trying to break her of the swaddle, but for now it's working.  She's sleeping a LOT better at night and for naps.  We're guessing she just wanted to sleep on her tummy the whole time :).
~ Started blowing spit bubbles and making lots of different noises with her mouth.  She tries to mimic what we do with our mouths sometimes.
~ Loves to play peek-a-boo
~ When on her tummy she has started to get her knees under her and lunging forward.  She still keeps her head down on the ground when she does this.
~ She is sitting up unsupported more and more each day.  The other day she went five minutes without toppling over.

~ Has a crazy obsession with tags on toys.  She loves fuzzy toys the best, but always tries to find the tag on the toy and then sucks on that.  She even found the tag on the pack and play and got that in her mouth when she was supposed to be asleep.
~ Loves to pretend to fly around the room.  Even when she's crying she calms down pretty quickly if we do this with her
~ She makes a peter pan stance when she is lifted sometimes: one leg bent, the other one straight :)
~ Makes some crazy faces

~ Turns when someone in the room starts to sing.  She literally stops what she is doing to just listen and then turns in the direction she hears the sound coming from.  She does this when mom and dad talk too.
~ Loves to be outside
~ Still a momma's girl, but mommy is loving this clingyness while it lasts.
~ Laughs often and we love that gummy, no teeth smile :)
~ 13lbs, 7oz (5%), 26 inches (50%)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Mother's Day

On this Mother's Day I woke up to a wonderful husband preparing decaf coffee for me and turnovers for breakfast.  On the counter was a beautiful painted mug with little footprints on it.  Brandon had taken Aubrey for an afternoon a while back and they painted this just for me.  I got to enjoy my coffee in this very special mug :).

I thought it was the cutest thing ever and it means so much to me. 

Every Mother's Day when we were little my sister and I would make a corsage for my mom to wear. My wonderful sister was so thoughtful that she made me my very own corsage to wear on this day. She handmade it and it was absolutely beautiful. I can't believe I was the one wearing one this year!

We got ready and went to church and afterwards went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  The afternoon was spent resting and relaxing while getting to visit with my mom and family.  Aubrey, Brandon and I made some cards for the new grandmas and they loved them. The whole day I felt very much appreciated :).

So I thought this day would never arrive at times...being able to celebrate my first Mother's Day. I have looked forward to being a mom for some time and now it's my turn and I can't believe it. Aubrey has brought me so much joy and I love her so much that sometimes it hurts. I think about the moment she was born and it still brings tears to my eyes (as I'm sure it will for a long time :) ). That precious moment when they laid her on me and I got to see her beautiful face for the first time. At that moment, and people told me about it, my whole perspective on life had changed. I was now a mom. I didn't know at that moment how my life would change, but I knew it would. All the days of being sleep deprived, having spit up on me consistently, and endless dirty diapers cannot take away what I feel for this little one every time she smiles, wraps her arms around my neck, and grows and changes. It is the best feeling to be a mom and I am so blessed that God has allowed that in my life.  I know now what our mothers had to go through to raise us and I have a new found respect and awe of them more than ever.  Thank you for doing all that you have done!  Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First Family Bike Ride

So it's been a very long while since I have actually owned a bike.  I have ridden them several times, but after a tailbone surgery I have steered clear of bikes for some time now.  Yesterday was the day I finally got my own bike!  It's a beach cruiser, pale yellow, with white wall tires, and a basket to match.  I love it!  It will take some getting used to because it rides so differently than a regular sports bike, but it should be as "easy as riding a bike" :)

We got to break in the bike a little as we, the three of us, went for a family bike ride around the neighborhood.  Brandon got a kids trailer to pull on the back of his bike and we strapped Aubrey in good.  Car seat and all :)  It might be a couple more months till she can totally sit up in it, but we just wanted to try things out.  Brandon loves going for bike rides and he's wanted to do this for so long and yesterday was our chance.  It was great to get out and enjoy the evening riding in the sunset :).