Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lucy's Preschool Christmas Program

 Well, now it was Lucy's turn to be in a Christmas program! 
Her preschool had their annual Christmas program a couple of weeks ago.  Lucy was Mary in their little nativity processional.  It was the cutest thing and she did a great job, but boy was she nervous!

Biggest bummer of the program was that we literally couldn't see Lucy amongst all the other taller kids :(.  This was where the teacher part in me wanted to come out and start placing kids where they could be seen, but I resisted.  She kept on getting hit by a little girl that was in front of her and we all felt sorry for our little Lucy.  She kept trying to sing the songs and she didn't give up despite it all.  We were proud of her and her perseverance.  She did awesome.


Lucy, you did a great job!  What a sweet thing it was to see you singing those wonderful songs.  We love you and we're so proud of you! 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving week was an exciting week for us!!  Daddy came home the day before Thanksgiving from being in Oklahoma for 2 months and we got to see our family and meet Kate for the first time!
These girls couldn't get enough of her!  All they wanted to do was hold and cuddle with her :).

The girls played together almost every day that week!

The morning after Brandon we had the family over to celebrate Leah and Aubrey's birthdays.  It was a birthday brunch complete with homemade cinnamon rolls (at Aubrey's request) and strawberry cupcakes (at Leah's request :) ).  Crowns were given upon each guest's arrival and princess dresses were chosen and put on.  It was a fun, girly party with these sweet girls and it was so special to get to celebrate with out of town family!


Lucy gave the little party a thumbs up!

Thanksgiving day Dido had a project for the girls before we ate...cookie turkeys!  Cookies were consumed before dinner even started :).



Our last full day together we took the girls to one of their favorite places, Funderland.  They love this place and all the rides!

We cherish these times together as we're all so spread apart these days.  We are so thankful for the wonderful family we are blessed with!
Happy Thanksgiving!