Monday, February 29, 2016

First Visit From the Tooth Fairy at Our House!

It's officially 'stop growing up' time for our little Miss Aubrey. She lost her first tooth today! 

Because it was her first tooth, the tooth fairy was extra generous in her monetary amount given for her tooth and she left a little note, money, and even let Aubrey keep her tooth (because she knows that Aubrey really would have wanted that).

Every day these girls get bigger and grow up, yet when these little milestones happen it really makes you realize how very fleeting childhood is. We're trying to soak in this special age and stage we're in everyday :). 

A Cabin Getaway 2016

Back in January, we decided to go up the cabin for one night.  It had dumped snow that week and Brandon was very eager to take the girls up and play in the snow with them!  We got all their gear ready and headed up!
Now compared to last year, this year there was actually snow that they could play in!  This was the first time Lucy had seen snow piled up taller than her!! 

These girls couldn't get enough and had so much fun playing!


The girls and their daddy sledded while mommy watched :).


When Aubrey got wet she was having nothing of the snow from that point on...

It's so funny how very different these two are and they way that they react to certain situations!

The next morning we had one last opportunity to play in the snow and this time there were no sad faces whatsoever :).

They built a snowman!

It was a fun couple days and  very cozy night.  We're so thankful for this little cabin and the opportunity to make memories with our girls there no matter how short the visit may be.

Such a special time with these girls :).