Monday, July 31, 2017

Visiting Cousins {Summer 2017}

In July we had a great visit with the Fox family!!  The girls did AWESOME on the drives and we had so much fun playing, laughing, and being together.
Aubrey took a swing at golf for the first time :).


We had some fun jumping on their new trampoline!

We also had a lot of fun at a couple of epic splash pads!  A storm came in pretty fast one of the days and we literally ran to the car!


The girls and dads had a campout one night in the backyard.

We always miss our family when we have to leave.  It would be so nice to be close by each other to share in more "every day" celebrations and activities.  But, for now, we cherish the times we get to be together.  This trip, once again, did not disappoint in the fun department!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

First Trip In The Motorhome!

Brandon's parents, in the past year, inherited a motorhome.  They have put quite a lot of work into it and now it was ready for its inaugural trip!  We went to Half Moon Bay to test this baby out and have some fun memories and time together!


The girls loved being in it and climbing on all levels of dash and cushions!

We spent a couple of nights there and spent some time playing in the waves, bike riding, taking walks, seeing bunnies (and trying to count them on the trails!), and enjoyed some s'mores and the campfire in the evenings.

We all enjoyed the trip and we'll be doing it again sometime in the future for sure!