Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmastime 2015

This year the Christmas season came and went so fast (as I'm sure I will be saying to myself every year from now on)!

We enjoyed a lot of time with friends and family throughout the season. We looked at Christmas lights, baked a lot, made little happy birthday Jesus cakes, taking a sleigh ride around the neighborhood, watched Christmas movies, and through the new year spent time with family. 
A few weekends before Christmas we got to see Brandon's grandparents and have a small celebration with them.  His grandma is struggling through cancer, so we really cherished the time we had together with them.

They received some cozy blankets and stuffed dogs which they sleep with every night now :).

We had fun decorating little birthday cakes together.  Although there was a lot of frosting consumed, the girls did a really good job at decorating those little homemade cakes!  I made marshmallow fondant for the first time, so Aubrey was extra excited that she could eat everything on her cake :).





Christmas Day was spent with Brandon's side and we had a great time together. That morning Brandon came off of his work shift and we had our own little Christmas breakfast and present opening just the four of us before Brandon headed to bed :). It was a special morning just us :). 

The enjoyed playing for hours with their new train set :).


The day after we spent it with my side and had we had s great dinner and day together with siblings and cousins! Down side of the day was that all four of us got the stomach flu that evening :(. At least it was a fast moving bug and we got to spend time with cousins and my sisters family for part of the week that they were here! 

My sister and her family were still here for New Year's Eve, so I went over with the girls to my parent's house and Brandon joined us for a bit between his work shifts that evening.  We made some noise makers and rang in the new year a little early with our little ones.

Such a fun age that the girls are in right now and this Christmas time was so special. We are very, very blessed :).