Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Our Little Gymnast

Our little gymnast.  She's really been one since she's was one!  She literally was doing headstands in her crib!!  This year we put her in some real gymnastics classes and she thrived :).  It all came pretty naturally to her and she learned each skill quickly.  She loved every minute of it and was always excited for gymnastics day.
Today was Aubrey's last day of gymnastics for a little while.  We've so enjoyed seeing our little girl jump, cartwheel, twirl, balance, flip and smile (a lot!).




Lucy will probably miss watching her sister and getting to play in the playroom on a weekly basis.

Awesome job Aubrey on graduating to the next level!!  We are so proud of all that you have accomplished and learned!!

 Our little tumble bunny is one cute little tumbler :).  Great job sweet girl!!!




Monday, October 27, 2014

Apple Hill 2014

Today we got the chance to go to Apple Hill on daddy's day off.  No crowds, crisp fall weather, happy girls, a day all together...perfect :).

Lucy and that little kitty went everywhere with us today :).

Apple doughnuts were consumed :).

 The girls ran around, got dirty, and laughed a lot.


The girls helped make corn meal.

And we picked some apples.

 An overall wonderful family outing :). 

Disney on Ice

For Aubrey's upcoming fourth birthday her buddy Zachary got her a ticket to Disney on Ice!! She was a little confused as to what exactly Disney on Ice was when we opened up card, but after explaining that she would see all the Cars characters and Tinkerbell skating, you couldn't wipe the smile off of her face. She couldn't stop talking about how excited she was all week and she told everyone she knew that she was going :). 

Now besides watching some Disney films, this was really Aubrey's first Disney experience.  With how excited she got about this little experience she is going to be thrilled when she finally gets to go to Disneyland someday! 

These two were super excited!

We found our seats with just a little time to spare and the show got started quickly afterwards. 

The kids could hardly contain their excitement when the show actually started. Aubrey sang along to the Cars song and kept smiling at me throughout the show. What wonderment was in Aubrey's eyes and this was a new side I got to see in her :). So precious. 

What a fun afternoon! Thank you friends for this fun gift! What a great memory for all of us :). Happy early birthday Aubrey girl!