Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Preschool {Year 2}

We had some decisions to make for Aubrey regarding schooling this upcoming year.  Because of her birthday she qualified for transitional kindergarten, but something just didn't quite sit right with us to put her in.  We chose to keep Aubrey in preschool for one more school year and at the same school.
So, here we go!!  First day of preschool and she's excited about it!  We're hoping Lucy won't be too emotional about it (as she is very attached to her sister lately!).


Happy first day sweet girl! 
"You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So...get on your way!"
~ Dr. Seuss

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Napa Isn't Only for Wine Tasting

A few weeks back we decided to get away for a day before the craziness of fall schedules start! We always seem to go to the same familiar places, so this time we wanted to go somewhere close but different.  A family in Aubrey's preschool class used to live in Napa and I asked if there were any kid friendly, non-wine tasting things to do there.  This mom was full of ideas of places to go and see as well as places to eat and her suggestions did not disappoint!!
First stop was Oxbow Public Market where we perused the foods and goods just a bit.
Next, we took a walk along the river downtown.  We got there a little early in the morning so it wasn't quite time for lunch or a treat, but this place would have been perfect a little bit later in the day :). This particular day was a HOT one and the girls didn't last too long walking around outside, so we tried to find some shade and some fun, cute spots.  There's a really pretty mosaic fountain that they girls loved and we even took the time to stop and smell the flowers :).



After we had a bite to eat we needed to take a drive and see if we could get Lucy to fall asleep for a little bit in the car.  Even if you're not going wine tasting the vineyards and the scenery are just gorgeous.  It was a beautiful, relaxed, air conditioned drive as our littlest one fell fast asleep :).  We continued to drive (because we knew that if we stopped the car Lucy would wake up) and sure enough when we stopped she was up! 
We ended up driving all the way up to Calistoga to see California's version of the Old Faithful geyser.  It was a little pricey to get into the park and we were going to turn right back around when we found out just how much it costs, but who could say no to a little girl who started crying because she had just learned about geysers in a cartoon show and was begging to see one because she "hasn't seen one in her whole life" as she put it :). 
Luckily as we were waiting for Old Faithful to erupt there were animals to see, chalkboards to color on and nice shaded spots to sit under.


Then it was showtime!

Lucy lost interest pretty quick, but Aubrey took it all in :).

Somewhere different, fun and beautiful for a day.  There's more to Napa than just wine :).

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tahoe Vacation

So, camping for us didn't work out this year :(.  We tried to get our normal camping spot like we do every year, but it seems that people are onto our plan and have found out about the awesome campsite we've had year after year!  We tried to make reservations, but to no avail.  We lost the reservations by SECONDS each time!  We needed other plans and Brandon's family cabin was available, so we decided that it would be a perfect place to go with these little girls and family.  The fun thing was that we were ALL going to be able to take a little vacation together!!  My brother, my sister and her family, and my parents!  We haven't all been camping or on another summer vacation since before Brandon and I were married, so this was going to be a special time no matter what :).

These girls had so much fun together!  They laugh, play and even argue like sisters!  It's pretty special that no matter how far physically they are, they are still super close and love each other so much :).

We spent our week in the sand, on the beach, taking walks, eating some great food and making some lifelong memories together.


Throughout the week little Leah had some fun in the sun too :).  And we finally got to hold and cuddle with her after not seeing her for 4 months!  Oh fast they grow :).

We tried our hand at making some s'mores cones.  We filled them up with lots of sweet goodies, wrapped them in foil, and put them over the fire.  Some turned out great, some not so much, but it was worth a try.  The girls loved them!

We made our way to Meeks Bay one day and it ended up being the perfect morning to play in the sand and sun.  They only tantrum that was thrown was when it was time to leave.



On one of our last nights together we went out to Emerald Bay and took in the sites there.  We have pictures of us as little as the girls here :).

We really tried to take a picture of all three girls with Uncle Jeremy, but seriously?!  Couldn't at least one girl cooperate?!

It was a very fun week and the goodbyes were very hard (as always), but we made some great memories to last a lifetime that we will treasure always.