Saturday, November 8, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Aubrey!!

We might just say this every year, but boy did this year go by fast!!  This last year has brought about so many changes and so much growth for you Aubrey and we love you more and more every single day :). 

You have become one little fashionista!!  Shoes, sparkles, purses, dresses and bows, you love anything and all things girly.  You match your clothes, take time to choose your outfits, and you always have a word or two to say to mommy or daddy about what we're wearing :).  Most of the time its constructive but you're not afraid to tell us if you don't like something we're wearing :).  "Pink and purple are the best colors ever!" comes out of your mouth almost on a daily basis.

This year you became very brave in conquering some of your fears!!  You rode on a horse for the very first time when before you wouldn't even get close to one!!  At the beginning of this year you were terrified of dogs for some reason, but you have now become friends with Nana and Papa's dog :). 

This year we have seen you grow and learn to make friends, play with others, and be giving and caring to others.  You started preschool this year and you love it!!  We have seen such a big change in you since you started and it's only been a couple of months.  You have met friends on your own and you are learning how to be comfortable being yourself and not as shy around others.  Your preschool teachers always tell us that you are so articulate when you speak and how meticulous you are in your work :).  We are so proud of you and so happy that preschool has been such a wonderful blessing in your life!

Along with meeting some real friends in your life, you have also met some "imaginary" friends that have come around every once and a while.  Coconut and Belly have made their way into your play times and they have been blamed for some things that we thought imaginary friends just couldn't do :).  You sure do have a very active imagination Aubrey!!  We love to see how your mind works :).  Your stories and the way you say things sometimes make us laugh.  It's really too bad we can't videotape everyone of those special moments :).

Your laugh is THE BEST! When you really start laughing its contagious to everyone around.  You always laugh at your own jokes and you and Lucy have made each other laugh so much this past year.  When the laughter gets a little loud between the two of you in another room mischievous things have been known to happen :).

At only four you have become such a wonderful older sister to Lucy.  You take your time when you are trying to teach her something, you want to kiss her boo boos along with mommy, you are always trying to correct her along with mommy and daddy, and you two love to dance and play together.  We hope and pray that you two would become close to friends to one another as you grow older.  Lucy wants you around all the time and goes around the house asking for you when you're not there.  Mommy and daddy have loved to see how caring and loving you are towards her :).

Along with a lot of kids your age right now you are IN LOVE with anything Frozen related!  You know every word to each song and the motions to accompany them.  Your performance of "Let It Go" was deemed 'flawless.'  You memorize words to songs quickly and you love to sing and dance along to any music.  You have your daddy's love of music in your being :).

This little pink bear, affectionately named Phoebe, is currently your favorite stuffed animal.  Its been your security and she travels with you a lot.  It's really a miracle Phoebe was in these pictures because you are always role playing and telling us how sick she always is.  Good thing she has a caring mommy taking care of her :).


This year you have grown to be quite the gymnast and quite the dainty ballerina! Your skills and your abilities were noticed by your teachers and you were awesome on that trampoline.  You learned how to cartwheel and do a head stand with no support in the middle of our living room!!  You'll jump off anything you can climb on and if you can't climb on it then you'll tumble right over it somehow.  You are one active little girl who loves the park and loves to jump and play. 
This year you learned to pump on the swing!! Whenever we swing on the swing next to you it always turns into a competition of who can swing the highest :).


Aubrey girl, you amaze us everyday. God has gifted you with so many special abilities all uniquely you.  We hope and pray that your love and care for people grows, that you continue to grow and develop into the girl and woman you were created to be, and that you would know your true worth in the God who loves you.  Thank you for bringing so much joy into our home.  We could not imagine our lives without you sweet girl and we are so blessed to be your parents.  We love you!! 
Happy 4th birthday Aubrey!!
Mommy and Daddy
For Aubrey's fourth birthday this year we kept is smallish :).  We invited family and our small group bible study to my parent's house for smores, pulled pork sandwiches (smoked by Daddy :) ), and the movie Frozen watched on a big screen outside!!  (Thank you Jicklings for the work and effort you put into making that happen!!)
It was a low key evening celebrating our special girl :).  She said her favorite parts were watching Frozen (and I think she may have been the only one actually sitting and watching it for a while) and having her friends come :).