Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Celebrating 60!!

Yesterday we got to celebrate the big six-zero for my dad! 

My mom really put on everything and I and others helped with some minor details :).  We celebrated in my parent's backyard with some close family and friends of my dad's.  It was great.

Before the party the girls had some good playtime with their grandpa outside.  What could be a better birthday present right?! :)
They looked at fishies,...

...played with bubbles,...

...picked the freshly planted flowers,...
...picked and ate lots of blueberries,...


...and jumped on Dido's back acting like he was younger than he really is :).

And there were some nice "high-fives" given throughout the evening :).

We had a great time celebrating this very special man in our lives!

Happy Birthday Papi (aka- Os, Dido, Old Man)!! We love you!!  Here's to many more years and blessings yet to come :).

Monday, June 16, 2014

Tea Time

For Mother's Day we gave our moms a certificate for a tea date with Aubrey and me.  Aubrey's friend Olivia had a tea party for her birthday once and Aubrey really liked it.  Aubrey and I have also had some tea and little snacks at home before, but this was going to be a "real" tea party and she couldn't have been more excited.  Aubrey picked out her dress and shoes and wanted me to put a braid in her hair.  The little girl is such a fashionista and she made sure everything in ensemble matched.  We were ready to go when the moms arrived at our house.
We drove over to the Power's Mansion Inn in Auburn, CA.  We were actually here for a good friend's wedding about 6 years ago and it was fun to be back at this old Victorian place. 
We took our seats at our table that was set with matching tea cups and pretty linens.  Aubrey was all smiles and quite well behaved.  I was really proud of how polite and quietly she sat.  She was a little lady and looked so grown up! *tear :)

Aubrey had her own order of sandwiches (her favorite being one with sprinkles), cakes, and cookies and she picked out a crème brulee tea for herself.  She really enjoyed getting to plop in the little cubes of sugar and stirring till it dissolved.  There was a lot of sugar consumed that afternoon :).

We enjoyed some very good food, great time with a very special daughter and grand daughter, and some wonderful, special girl time together. I can't wait for Lucy to join us in the future :).

We all loved every minute of it :).

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Today daddy was greeted this morning when he came home from work with his two girls waiting for him and ready to give him his presents. We did another questionnaire sheet for him that Aubrey helped me fill out with her answers and that made for some funny morning reading :). We had a busy rest of the day today with church, lunch plans, and a wedding, but I think Brandon still felt special :). 

He has been an amazing father for our two girls and I couldn't be more blessed in having Brandon for a husband. He is patient, loves on our girls, a dance king when it come to dance parties, a hard worker, and so much more!! 


Not the best of pictures with the girls this year, but they still capture the moment :)


I couldn't be more thankful for this man in my life! Papi, we love you!! 

Happy Father's Day to the very special men in our lives!! We love you so very much and appreciate all you do for us and for all that you are :). Thank you!!