Friday, April 18, 2014

The Sky's Awake, So I'm Awake!

Yup.  That's a Frozen quote and so appropriate for this little outing to the snow :).
A few weeks back our plans had changed for Brandon's weekend and there was a storm coming into the Tahoe area.  We decided, last minute, to pack up and head to the family cabin.  It started to snow as we were driving up and as we got closer and closer to the cabin the snow was coming down pretty hard.  This is exactly why we got a four wheel drive car!  Thank goodness the car performed like it should :).
As soon as the car door opened, Aubrey wanted to get her gear on and play in the soft powder.
So Daddy and Aubrey played...

...while mommy and Lucy watched from inside :).

Lucy had her own fun licking and looking at her reflection in the window to pass the time.

And she waved once in a while.

That evening we watched Frozen for the first time.  The timing of the weather and our location made watching this movie perfect.  Aubrey got a little scared in some of the parts, but she loved it.  She now sings parts of the songs around the house on a daily basis like most kids her age right now :).
In the morning we woke up to a couple of feet of fresh powder outside.  It was beautiful.

Of course Aubrey just had to go out and play :).

We were back home the following day, but the drive was so worth it!!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Impromptu Visit!!

Last week we had a really fun surprise of having Jon, Krystal, and Norah come to visit!! They only stayed for a couple of days, but since we haven't seen them since January it was so wonderful to even see them for the short time :).

We enjoyed hanging out at the grandparents house, relaxing, watching the girls play together and eating out some. The girls are at such fun ages and it was so fun to see the girls interact with each other. Aubrey was like the mother hen with Norah and would lead her along to play different games and Lucy would try to join in for a little bit but then go off and do her own thing. Norah tried to  constantly make Lucy laugh and tickle her. It was pretty funny to see the silly faces and mannerisms she would do to get a smiles out of Lucy. 

We spent some time at the park one evening. The little girls had to her their energy out somehow :). 

Some frisbee gold was even played :)

Little Lucy practiced her walking-with-shoes-on skills. 

What a great time we had together! We miss the three of them so much but we cherish the time matter how short :). 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lucy's Sweet Shoppe

We celebrated our sweet baby girl's first birthday with a sweet shoppe birthday party! We celebrated with close friends and family
We decorated the house with pictures, pennants and candy necklaces and definitely had our fair share of sweets :).


We made this sign for Lucy using Sixlets of white and pink.  Yes, it took forever, but it was worth it in the end :).

We had a few details on our mantle of her past year.  We printed her footprints on a canvas every three months and took a picture of her every month to see her growth.  All the other awesome portraits were taken by Jeremy Maz.  All of those pictures can be seen here .

Her Aunt Krystal made her this sign with Lucy's stats at her birth. 

And mommy got to make Lucy's cake :).

And you can't have a sweet shoppe without sweets!!  We definitely had enough to choose from thanks to helping hands from family and friends.
These cookies have always been mommy's favorite that Baba makes :).

These French macarons that Nana made were a hit!
The favors were cupcake cake pops.  These seemed appropriate for our little cupcake :).
To keep the kiddos busy some of them made their own candy necklaces out of cereal and other candies.

At last it was time for the birthday girl to get some cake!

We sang happy birthday and she definitely wasn't so sure about what was going on :).

We had to get things started and encourage her a little bit, but once we did...

there were no issues with digging in, grabbing the cake and stuffing it in her mouth :).

By the time she finished she had eaten half of that little cake!!
A quick family picture with that messy face and she was cleaned the bathtub of course.

Thank you to all who helped and made this birthday a very sweet one for our little one! 

We love you Lucy girl!!  Happy 1st birthday!!!
*And a big thank you to Lyndsay for helping me take pictures and document this eventful day!!  This helped me out so much!! :)