Friday, June 29, 2012

First Trip to LA

On a whim, my parents decided to go down south to the LA are to see my brother and visit family down there.  Even though we had other commitments here, Aubrey and mom decided to tag along.  This was the first time we would be going down to visit uncle Jeremy (even though he has been here several times) and we thought it was about time we went!

On the ride down Aubrey did awesome!!  This was the first really long car ride we had taken Aubrey on.  She only slept for an hour, but she was content with some new toys and books we had bought for her...not to mention taking in the rich scenery of California's central valley :)  We arrived at my aunts house in Montebello around 5ish and were greeted by their friendly dogs (and Aubrey just loves dogs!) and my Marta and Lidia's friendly faces.

That evening we decided to go to Downtown Disney to walk around a bit.  The place was so crowded, but it was so good to stretch our legs.  The lego store had one of the coolest exhibits there!

All Aubrey wanted to do as we walked downtown was to push her stroller around.  She was the only the one that wanted to do the pushing though!!  We stayed for the fireworks (even though it was way past Aubrey's bedtime), but her first experience with fireworks was a huge hit!  She loved it!

Friday morning we went to Porto's bakery (best bakery EVER by the way!) and met uncle Jeremy.  We later went over to Santa Monica beach and spent the day there.

This little lady was not a fan of the sand though however :).  Every time she would put her feet in the sand she would pull them towards her and wipe off her feet everytime.

Aubrey got to have some good time with uncle Jeremy on the beach. 

We brought along her little IKEA tent to shield her from the sand and sun, but she just wanted to play in it :)

The grandparents had a fun time too.

She loved to get on my dad's back and scratch his back.

By the end of our day at the beach Aubrey was pretty miserable.  She had sand everywhere and was wet and cold.  Jeremy got some good cuddle time with her because of the way she was feeling.  She almost never just lets you hold her like that :)

We decided to go back home that night instead of going out to dinner.  Little lady was spent!

The rest of the weekend was spend relaxing and visiting with the family.  We had a wonderful time altogether :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mini Vacation to Tahoe

During Brandon's last week on his old schedule we decided to get away for the weekend.  His "weekend" was in the middle of the week, so going up to Tahoe was very relaxing and quiet :).

We enjoyed a 10 mile bikeride along the lake and Aubrey enjoyed throwing rocks for the first time.

As always, Aubrey enjoyed her snack time :).

We enjoyed some leisurely walks and overal just enjoyed being together as a family.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Krystal's Baby Shower

On June 16th, my mom, friends and I had the privilege of throwing my sister her very first baby shower.  It was a full house and a very hot day, but I think this little one and mom were showered with blessings that day :).

During the shower we didn't really have games, but we all pitched in and made the baby her first ABC book and we also made a blessing mobile for the nursery.  Each guest got a paper bird and wrote a word of encouragement or blessing and I put the mobile together later.  Hopefully this will hang in the little one's room as a memory of how special and blessed she really is :)

Our good friend, Jean Ann, said a little devotional that brought Krystal and lot of the room to tears.

Since it was so hot that day we made a big container of lemonade and each guest got to flavor their own drink with a fruit flavor. 

My mother-in-law and aunt made these wonderful and adorable cookies.  Passionfruit macaroons and adorable baby feet sugar cookies.

Little Aubrey wanted in on the fun too! Can't you tell :)

Krystal's good friends from high school joined us.  These girls have been so supportive of each other through so many years.  Shannon even flew up from southern California for the shower!

These two are due 5 days apart!  Both having girls :)

 Mom and daughter :)

Cake pop favors

We are just so excited for Jon and Krystal as they embark on this new journey of parenthood with us.  We also can't wait till Aubrey has a cousin and the memories we will all share.  We're praying for a smooth delivery come August.  We just can't wait to meet her!!!