Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Night with the Pearsalls

The other night we had the priviledge of going out to dinner with some awesome friends!  Now going out to dinner is always great, but this time was especially special for the Pearsalls because they were going on their first restaurant trip with their precious daughter Ellie :) 

We stopped by their house first to give that little girl a squeeze and give the parents a proper congratulations on this little miracle.  They are such great parents and their daughter is just beautiful!!!  We are so excited for Aubrey to have another playmate :)  And, on another note, so excited that they have started blogging to keep track of their own family events! Their little blog is called "Peeking in on the Pearsalls" and so cute.
Funny, the restaurant was walking distance away, but we all drove over to Red Robin in one car.  We had a great time laughing and catching up.  The service wasn't so great, but it made for a fun laugh in the end.  How many times should you ask for fries and get drink refills instead?!

It was also my first little outing after my hospital visit.  It was short, but it was so nice to be out of the house... even if it was just for a little bit :). I even had an appetite that night!  Things are looking up :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Messy Bath

So our daughter has not once, not twice, but now THREE TIMES has now pooped in the bathtub!!  Gross!!  You would think she's old enough to understand this a little, but not so much.  At least she didn't scream in the shower when we had to hose her down this time :)

On top of providing and working for our family, Brandon has had a to clean not only the house and take care of the yard so many times these last weeks, but now he can add 'poop duty' to his very long to-do list. 

I have the most wonderful, awesome, helpful huband who has taken SUCH wonderful care of me and our daughter!!!  You deserve a trophy or a paid trip around the world or something! I love you so much Brandon!!  Thank you for all that you have done and for all the you are doing...I couldn't have dreamed of a better husband :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

An Eventful Friday

So our Friday the 6th turned out to be a very eventful Friday night.  Not one we would have chosen, but it all all happened none the less.

Our evening started with a nice family dinner at home.  I wasn't feeling that great, but we had a great dinner, some playtime with Aubrey, and then put her down for the night.  At about 10:30 at night, I started feeling SEVERE abdominal pain that would shoot towards my back and shoulders.  The pain was even getting worse than what I felt when I was in labor! The pains got worse and worse during the following 15 mnutes that we knew that something was definately wrong.  In my PJs and in extreme pain, we woke up our sleeping daughter and went to the emergency room right away.  Poor Aubrey didn't even know what was going on. 

We got to the emergency room all to find the ER was packed with people.  During the wait I was laying over the arm of a chair while Aubrey sat next to me. I will never forget that moment but she held my hand and put her head on my head as I was slumped over in pain. She didn't cry but just sat there quiet and still. It's almost like she understood that mom was in pain and she wanted to comfort me.  In the midst of all of the pain it was such a special moment with her that I will treasure always.

Because I was feeling like I was going to faint, my blood pressure was extremely low, and I was in extreme pain they took me in pretty quickly.  After a lot of blood tests and a very painful ultrasound it was determined I had a ruptured cyst.  After the doctors determined what exactly it was they were able to give me some pain medication that helped me relax just a little bit.  A huge blessing was that my OB, Dr. Paul Murphy, was on call that night and he is by far the BEST doctor I have ever had and have recommended him to many friends.  He took such great care in all his decisions with me.  He took his time and didn't rush into any decisions, but you could tell her was struggling with what was the best thing to do. 

At about 3:30am I had lost so much blood that he scheduled a surgery at 6:00am.  I'm not a doctor or a nurse and don't know exactly what the numbers mean, but my blood numbers started at 11.7 at midnight and dropped to 8.6 in a matter of a few hours.  Dr. Murphy said that I was almost needing a blood transfusion but we would wait a little to see if my blood count stabalized.  At 5:30am Dr. Murphy called off the first surgery in hopes the levels would stabalize and I wouldn't have to have a surgery.  They scheduled another surgery for 12:00pm Saturday.  They gave me some more medication to make me feel a little more comfortable, but I was still in so much pain. 

At around 8:00am Saturday morning, the doc came back in and wanted some more blood work done.  At this point I was already admitted to the hospital and we were already gearing up for me to be in surgery in a few hours.  When the blood work came back, for the first time, my blood loss had finally stablized!!!  The doc called off the second surgery in hopes that the blood would be reabsorbed and I would heal without a surgery.

The day passed on, I had a great friend Jennifer come to the hospital to visit and plan meals for us, and I got to see my daughter in the afternooon for the first time after all this happened.  She stayed with my parents who got a call at midnight from Brandon to see if they could come and pick her up from the emergency room.  The day brought more blood tests, a lot of pain meds, and sleep when I could.  After I was stable enough on Sunday the doc decided that I should recover and rest at home. 

So I was bedridden with a toddler!  Luckily Brandon could take a couple of days off and we had family to take Aubrey and watch her.  I couldn't lift Aubrey up, couldn't do anything around the house, was in extreme pain, and now because of all of this we would be missing our family camping trip.  I felt so bad and useless at the time.

Despite all that had happened and the very long recovery time, I am feeling better each day and we have been so blessed by so many friends and family who have offered support, prayers, visits, and help that I feel overwhelmed just thinking about how good everyone has been to us! Like I said, we wouldn't have chosen this and wouldn't wish this upon anyone, but it happened for a reason.  If anything to maybe to see my daughter finally cling to her dad :) .  We have felt so loved and supported that we cannot thank everyone enough!  You all don't even know how special you are to us and we thank you for everything from the bottom of our hearts.  It's been a long time since I feel like I have felt well, but I know one day (hopefully soon :) ) I will. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Berry Picking

At my parent's house they have a huge bush of blueberries or "blue-eyes" as Aubrey calls them :)  She loves to go out there and pick the berries and eat them one after another. 

Just thought she looked cute in her 4th of July dress that I just had to capture a memory of her berry picking and how much fun she has!

We went for a walk that evening with my mom and decided that I should take even more pictures :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

Brandon had to work during the day, but we had some family time during the day.  In the evening we were invited to our friend's house, Ashley and Russel, for a BBQ dinner.  Their due date is July 15, so Aubrey and I decided to make an 'almost' birthday cake for them.

We had a great time eating, laughing, and enjoying some fireworks that Russel bought.

After more than three years knowing eachother, we finally got a group picture!!  Thanks Clete, Russel, Ashleigh, Zachary, and Ashley for a great night!

Future Cake Decorator

We made a "Happy 'Almost' Birthday" cake for a friend who is expecting anytime now.  Since it was just Aubrey and I and we had to kill some time before lunch, I decided to let her have a hand a cake decorating.  I have her the back I used and a plate and she went for it!

She actually did pretty well and made some messes along the way, but what fun is it if you can't get messy once in a while :) 

She loved tasting her creation as well :)

Maybe in a couple of years she can help me with cake pops!  Well, maybe more than a couple of years :)