Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Daddy's Home! [park time just us]

It as only 10 days, but some days seemed to drag on.  Brandon was at a training in Oklahoma and it was just the girls and I on the home front.  Now, I know so many other moms do this parenting thing by themselves day in and day out and I have a new respect for them!  With Brandon's schedule we have a few days where it's just the girls and I.  The evening are always the hardest, but we get through each week.  But there was something about knowing that I was the only parent around that made things just a little more challenging.  Brandon's flight home on Friday was cancelled so we had one extra day without daddy, but Saturday came and he was finally home!!
Sunday evening we spent it at our local park swinging, climbing, flying kites, and running around.  We were just glad to have Brandon back and we just love our times together as a family!!



Lucy always seems to be hurting her knee somehow :).

Thank you to all the family and friends who helped us out and were so willing to help keep these busy girls fed, entertained, and loved!  Just knowing you were so willing to help out in any way made such a difference (and you know who you are :) ).  It helped the time without daddy go so much faster and smoother!  Love and appreciate you all so much!
Everyday family life can get mundane and tiresome at times, but you really appreciate those days and moments when they're not quite the same :). 
Welcome back daddy!  We missed you!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Easter 2015

Well, this post is better late than never :).  Our last three months have been a whirlwind.  My brother has been recuperating slowly and was doing fairly well for what he had gone through.  The day before Easter he took a fall and ended back in the hospital with internal bleeding.  A small procedure, a transfusion, and two days later he got to go back home to his apartment.  It was one step forward and now three steps back, but he's recovering really well right now...slowly but surely :).
So that takes us back to Easter this year.  Jon was going to be gone the week after Easter, so Krystal and their girls joined us here in Sacramento while he was away for almost two weeks!!  My mom flew over to Utah to help her drive back the day before Easter.  It took them twelve hours to get here, but they made it!!  And what a trooper my sister is! (I just had to give her a little shout out right there!).  With the news of Jeremy being back in the hospital our Easter weekend was a little more subdued than it probably would have been, but we still had a lot of fun!
When Krystal arrived Saturday evening we got the girls bathed and then set out to decorate some eggs with them.  Some dye might have been consumed during this process, but I won't tell you by who :).

Easter Sunday our good friends, the Jicklings, joined us for a second year in a row!  We might just have to make this a tradition (*wink, *wink).  We had good conversation, delicious food, and a wonderful time together celebrating this very special day.

We tried to get a good, posed picture of the four grand kids together, but honestly these pictures show their true colors :).

After we ate it started to rain, so we brought the Easter egg hung indoors.  The kids didn't mind that at all!

And to culminate our day together, there was lots of candy consumed by these cuties!


Happy Easter!!