Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Lucy!

Oh Lucy Lu. You bring life and joy to everyday of our lives and we love you so very dearly. How can you be four years old already?!

This past year has brought lots of changes in your life. Aubrey started kindergarten so that meant you had the morning all to yourself with daddy, mommy or nana and papa which you have enjoyed so much. You still miss you sister when she's not there, but you look forward to and enjoy walking to drop her off and pick her up from school. You started preschool this year! The one day a week seems to not quite be your thing, but you've had more positive things to say about it in the last few weeks.

You have become quite the inquisitive little girl. You ask us how to spell anything a everything just because. You like to get dirty and aren't afraid of anything creepy-crawly (including killing spiders), and you've become good at trying to figure things out and putting things together all on your own including putting together puzzles, building garages for your little cars, caring for your dolls and pretending to cook food.

You love to pretend play.  Your conversations with your stuffed animals and dolls while your cooking or playing dress up are hilarious and so very sweet.

You're favorite color is still yellow, but depending on the day that may change. Your favorite Disney princess is still Belle.
You can be very opinionated about what you would like to wear or not to wear.

You've become quite the chatterbox. You are constantly talking and your little accent and the way speak cracks us up all the time. You can't quite pronounce the 'or' sound. Orange sounds like urnge, four sounds like fur. You can now say Christmas and San Francisco correctly, but Valentine's Day is still Balentimes Day. Your conversations and questions with your sister continue to get more and more complex. No matter how long ago anything was, everything always happened 'yesterday.'

Speaking of sisters, boy does Aubrey know how to push your buttons! You stand up for yourself though in a pretty forceful way, even if you're wrong sometimes. Your love for your sister and your relationship together have grown a lot this year and we pray that your love and friendship continue to blossom as it has. The flip side to the fighting and arguing is you two can be so loving and caring with each other. Warm hugs in the morning, a kiss before Aubrey goes to school, and your laughter together warms our hearts.
You are an expert at dodging chores and cleaning. We're on to you :).

Your favorite TV shows and movies are Super Why, Goldie and Bear, Martha Bakes, Looney Tunes, and Peter Pan.
You're usually cold...just like your momma :).

I can't was the name of the game at the beginning of the year for you. Those are the first words out of your mouth when you're asked to do something a lot of times, but when you actually do something and finish it there is a smile on your face and you have a sense of accomplishment.
You love to dance and spin in your dresses. You can skip your heart out and you can run and keep up with your sister with no problems.

You are incredibly funny and you're very intentional about being that way and making us laugh. You are our little quirky girl :).

You're not necessarily a thrill seeker. You don't like to be thrown up into the air. You're adventurous in your own way by jumping and climbing to heights you're comfortable with.
Eating continues to be a struggle for you. You love cherry tomatoes and salad, but everything else is a maybe depending on the day. It's looking like you're going to be our little vegetarian. You go in hunger strikes for weeks on end, barely eating anything, but then you binge eat like crazy for days after that. Your shenanigans at the table can drive mommy and daddy crazy sometimes! The struggle is real. You love sweets, but the thought of missing dessert does not entice you to eat. You're a little peanut and oh so tiny.

And here's your famous face!

You are incredibly independent. You can play by yourself for a long time and you always find something to do. You can dress yourself and you can 'inside out' your clothes.
On occasion, you have been known to sleep walk.  Sometimes while we're watching TV at night, you'll come out and just stand there, smile and turn back around and plop into bed.  You're a hard sleeper (when you actually sleep!).  You fight sleep like crazy and there have been nights where you are still singing in your bed at almost 10:00pm!
Lucy, we are so blessed to have you in our lives.  Your personality, your spunk, your humor, and your beautiful smile are just some of the things we treasure in you.  We hope and pray that you always know your true sense of worth and who you were created to be.  We love you sweet Lucy goose! 
Happy 4th Birthday!
We love you,
Daddy and Mommy

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Tidbits

 We signed Aubrey up for a class this month at Blue Line Art Gallery.  It was a three hour class where they drew, painted, and molded a little piece of pottery.  Aubrey had fun with friends and it was a nice little outlet for her to be creative!

Valentine's Day was low key, but special for us.  Brandon and I both had the day off of work!  We had pancakes for breakfast, homemade pasta for dinner (thanks to Brandon!), and smores fondue for dessert!  We love these girls so much and we love the special times we get with them!

We made 'cupid floats' for the girls for dinner and they drank these special concoctions up!

We had a movie night at Aubrey's school one Friday night and we watched 101 Dalmatians for the first time.

Now this moment makes me tear up a little.  Aubrey LOVES to read to Lucy and Lucy loves to listen.  Life has come full circle.  Exciting growth, but bittersweet all at the same time. Aubrey seems so grown up at times now!

During my vacation week in February, Brandon and I finally got a chance to get away just the two of us for a couple of days.  It was wonderful and the time together was priceless.  Thank you to my parents for watching the girls for us!

February 2017 is in the books!