Thursday, June 30, 2016

Swimming Lessons with Joanie!

The last two weeks were filled with some tears and apprehension, but many triumphs and celebrations! 
The girls had swimming lessons for the last two weeks with the best swimming teacher ever...Ms. Joanie! She was absolutely wonderful with the girls. She was tough, firm, and stuck to her guns while still being very patient and nurturing. She pushed the girls beyond their limits of what they thought they could do and they achieved so much! 
Aubrey learned how to swim! She can now swim the length of the pool, do different strokes and kicks (of which we're still working on!), she can make a pillow and lay on her back to float, get her face wet without making a fuss, and dives under water to get objects on the bottom of the shallow end. We were so impressed and proud of her growth in such a short time! She was and eager little girl and wasn't afraid, she just needed to skills to help her actually swim and move along and she's got it now! 
Lucy was a little more apprehensive in the water. She was afraid to get her face wet and go under water, but after the third of lesson she was able to get her face wet and put her face under water!! Lucy can now float on her back and do a 'pillow', kick with a kick board, go under water and pick up objects from the steps, crawl along the side of the pool, and most of all she's not scared and as apprehensive in the water! Amazing! Lucy made tremendous growth and we are also so very proud of her! 


Lucy, when she was really concentrating, would stick her tongue out which was pretty amusing to us :).

Most of the lessons we did in Nana and Papa's pool, so the girls (especially Lucy) enjoyed time with their little dog Murphy while waiting for her lesson :)



And Lucy really liked to watch Aubrey swim :).  She sat so quietly and still as she waited. 
Ms. Joanie had such a special way of making Lucy smile throughout the weeks :). 

What a great experience we had these last two weeks to actually see growth in our kids with their swimming skills. Now we can really enjoy the pool and water the rest of the summer and practice all the skills the girls learned! Thank you Joanie for teaching our girls so well! 

Last Day of Preschool

The last day of preschool was a park day!  It was so fun for the kids to play together and have a great time one last time.
Before the day began, we started the day off with getting some donuts!

Then we were off to the park!

These kiddos have all been together for two years, now all of them are going their separate ways.  What great memories that were made with these sweet little people.  We loved getting to know these kids and their parents and we'll miss them so much!

Graduating to Kindergarten

I'm actually not quite sure how we went from this...

to this in such a short amount of time!

You have grown to be such a young lady!  The first day of preschool you would barely talk to anyone and you were so quite and shy.  As the last two years have gone by you have become confident, more talkative to others, expressive, extremely creative, loving, helpful, an excellent artist, a learner, an investigator, and made some wonderful friends (all on your own!).  You have learned so much academically as well as so many songs and stories that we can't even count!

We are so proud of you Aubrey and the lady you growing to be.

Your last preschool program was a bit of a tear jerker, but you sang your heart out (and I know you practiced hard to learn all those songs and motions because you practiced them even at home!).

Mommy only cried the most when you sang a song about how "fearfully and wonderfully made" you are.  And that is the absolute truth. 

Your friend and classmate, Landon, gave you and the other girls a bouquet of flowers to make you feel even more special on this graduation day!  So thoughtful and precious.  You were all smiles all evening and these flowers made you smile even more!

Now as this chapter in your life comes to a close, we are excitedly anticipating how you will use all your many talents and gifts that make you uniquely you!  We love you sweetheart.  We are still pinching ourselves a little bit that we have a KINDERGARTNER!! We know how excited you are for school and we're excited right along side of you.  You're going to be awesome and do great things and we're so glad we get a front row seat!