Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Hiking We Will Go!

Tuesday, very spur-of-the-moment, we decided that after Aubrey got out of school, we were going to go for a hike.  Of course it's a little bit of a drive just to spend a few hours up in the mountains, but we needed to get away from our jobs and housework and just get away to get some fresh air.
We went for a short hike up to Eagle Rock, went out to dinner, and had some time for Brandon and I to actually talk in the car.  It was what we needed :).

It was beautiful as always up there and the weather was perfect.

 It was the perfect little setting to recharge for an afternoon as a family :).

Hellos and Goodbyes

During the summer we got to see some of our good friends and had some hard times having to say good bye to other good friends. We are so thankful for the friendships that have come our way in our lives and saying goodbye to some of those are so hard. 
We got to see PJ Imboden one morning while they were in town.  The Imbodens moved to Arizona about two years ago now, we miss them and we're so glad we get to see them ever so often when they come visit Sacramento!

One big good bye was say bye to our good friends the Jicklings.  We've kind of come to adopt them as part of the family.  They didn't have any family in town so we enjoyed some Easters and get togethers in the past with our families here.  Its been so wonderful to have them in our lives, but we know that a job change and moving closer to family is what they need.  We will miss them terribly!

This lady will definitely be missed in my life! :( (and her wonderful family!)
We also had a quick visit with our friends the Hartins who are serving for MAF in Indonesia.  These people have been a part of lives since high school and although we wish we could be living life together in the states, we know they are exactly in the right place where God has placed them :).  We love seeing them after a few years!
So, it was a busy summer of hellos and good byes... we have been so blessed with the people that have come into our lives!  We have met so many awesome people that are still a part of our lives in so many aspects.  Thank you to our friends (and you know who you are!) who have been by our side and have been so supportive of us through all of life's stages!  Life would not be the same without you!