Thursday, July 13, 2017

June Tidbits

June brought the last day of kindergarten for our little girl!
To celebrate the first day of summer vacation, I took the girls for our first pedicures together!  Bring on summer!

This month Aubrey went to her very first birthday party where mommy wasn't around. She got to go and get her nails done and have a cute birthday lunch with friends!  A little bittersweet for mommy as she was picked up that day.

We had two weeks of swimming lessons at the beginning of June and the girls learned so much this year and grew leaps and bounds in their swimming abilities!

We had swimming lessons with our friends the Tripletts and that was fun to see everyone learn and grow together.  They loved watching each other during the lessons.

We had our first official cavity free dental visit for both of the girls! (finally!)

We went to Tahoe for Father's Day weekend.  More on that trip can be found here.

The girls and I are getting a chance to catch up with some friends this summer.  I haven't taken pictures at each get together, but here was one :).

Lucy is getting some curls!

Aubrey earned a Six Flags ticket this year by ready over and above what she needed to for her homework.  We took the kiddos one Monday to the park with our friends the Purintons.  They all had such a great time!


We had a wonderful morning breakfast at Aviators at the Executive Airport to celebrate Brandon's birthday with friends one morning.  Good food, good friends, and good fun watching those airplanes.

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